Program Review

Program reviews are an opportunity to assess the current status of a program, the changes over the previous five years in that program status, and the planned intentions for the program in the next five years.  Program review provides an opportunity to celebrate, evaluate and plan.  Program reviews are an integral part of Curriculum.  In their role as Chair of the respective School Curriculum Committees, Deans are responsible for the timely completion of program reviews and utilization of their results in academic planning for SLCC.


The full SLCC Program Review Schedule may be accessed at the Curriculum SharePoint site.

Programs due for review in 2015-16 are not yet evaluated.

Program Review Timeline

  • TBD: SLCC Program Review Template sent to Associate Dean
  • TBD: Completed program review documents due to the Curriculum Office
  • TBD: Program Review documents sent to the USHE Board of Regents


SLCC Program Review Instructions
SLCC Program Review Template