New Program Approval

All new programs, and substantively changed programs, must be approved through the SLCC Curriculum process.  This includes approval by the SLCC Cabinet and Board of Trustees, the Utah System of Higher Education Board of Regents, and by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Program Discontinuation

To discontinue a program of study, an Abbreviated R401 template must be submitted.  A teach-out plan must also be in place at SLCC to ensure students who are currently pursuing the program of study are allowed to complete in a reasonable amount of time.  The program notification must be acknowledged through the SLCC Curriculum process and associated governing bodies. 

Pending Programs for 2016-17 Catalog Year

Program proposals pending SLCC Cabinet and Board of Trustees approval:

  • Dance (AS pre-major)
  • Religious Studies (AS pre-major)

Pending Programs for 2015-16 Catalog

Program proposals pending approval at the USHE Board of Regents meeting on 18 September 2015:

  • Landscape Technology (Certificate of Proficiency)