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"Rights and freedoms are best preserved in a community whose members are mutually tolerant of the exercise of rights and freedoms and whose members are free from physical violence, force, abuse and threat. Daily responsibility for good conduct rests with students as individuals. All members of the College community are expected to use reasonable judgment in their daily campus life and to show due concern for the welfare and rights of others."

--From the SLCC Student Code of Conduct, 2009.

CWC Writing Assistance Policy

In accordance with the values of Salt Lake Community College, the CWC will not provide assistance on writing projects that appear to incite abusive or violent responses from their audiences, nor will we tolerate inappropriate or disrespectful behavior toward staff or other writers.

Liability Disclaimer

Participants in CWC programs are responsible for their own behavior at all times while participating in CWC programs. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their minor children at all times, whether the parent is or is not present with the minor child in the writing center. SLCC assumes no responsibilities for accidents, damage, injuries or other occurrences of losses of any kind associated with participation.


The Community Writing Center is committed to assessing its programs in a manner consistent with the SLCC Institutional-level learning outcomes. The CWC also prioritizes making its assessment practices accessible to a variety of audiences, ranging from accrediting bodies, to SLCC faculty/staff and administrators, to the community members that we serve. Because of this, we have included a number of assessment documents on this page for that range of audiences. We will continue to update this page as our assessment processes develop.


Who is a writer? You are. If you are a Salt Lake area resident and want or need help with your writing (be it a haiku, short story, resume or grocery list) we will help you hone your skills and assist you through any part of the writing process. If you have ever put pen to paper, whether a letter, short story, or resume, you are a writer. The Community Writing Center can assist with your thoughts, ideas, requests, opinions and dreams that might otherwise go unwritten. Everyone can write!

The first step in taking part of the services offered by the Community Writing Center is to drop in and register as a writer--don't worry it’s FREE. You will receive a writer number and card which functions similar to a library card.

Come to the CWC with an idea of what you’d like to work on: a writing project or a goal you would like to reach. If you’re not sure where to start, sign up for a session with a Writing Coach.

Now you can participate in any of our services:



CWC computers are available during writing coaching sessions, and for completing work subsequent to a coaching session (limited to no more than an hour, based on availability).

Writers who bring in a laptop are welcome to make use of internet access from Salt Lake City's Main Library. If you need a computer, the Main Library allows patrons to sign-up and reserve library computers for up to two sessions each day. Reservation stations are available on every floor. Speak with a librarian for details.


The CWC classroom is available for writing groups or workshops by contacting a Writing Assistant to reserve it. The classroom is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Writer's Studio

There's nothing quite like a quiet space and a set time to put you into the frame of mind to get your pen on the page (or fingers on the keyboard). The CWC has set aside just a time and space for you in The Writers' Studio.

Use our style guides and reference books, white boards to map out and explore the depth, structure and direction of your writing. If you have a quick question, one of our on-site writing coaches would be glad to respond; and if it's something that deserves in-depth attention, set up an appointment for a full coaching session.

Work, play and grow alongside other writers in a comfortable, energizing environment geared to help you stay focused and motivated!

Write on!


The CWC library resource is for on-site use only. You are welcome to use these resources while you are here. If necessary, a Writing Assistant can make copies of pertinent pages for you ($.10/page).

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