Salt Lake Teens Write

The Salt Lake Teens Write (SLTW) program pairs teens with adult mentors who use writing in their daily lives and professions.

The mentors and teens meet weekly to explore writing and the ways it opens pathways to education and successful careers. All teens entering 9th-12th grade this fall are eligible to participate in this program.

Mentor teams will meet for 1-2 hours a week and will work together to produce a portfolio of writing based on the teen’s interests. They will also attend quarterly writing workshops with other SLTW mentoring teams.

At the end of the year, all of the mentoring teams will come together to collaborate on an anthology publication and public reading to celebrate the different texts they have created during the year.

Applications for the 2017-18 school year are due Aug. 31, 2017.

Application Materials for Teens

Application Material for Mentors

Participant Experiences

“I enjoy opportunities where I can serve as a positive, supportive influence in the lives of youth. I can recall how great an impact similar experiences had on my navigation through my own teenage years, and I feel building encouraging relationships with a teen is a way for two-way learning, development, and growth. Writing together is fun. There’s a diversity of ideas, interests, and approaches to writing, and I feel that I’m learning so much as well. I didn't’t know that my own desires for writing would be revived. I try to tackle every genre we discuss and am finding that my writing is still as therapeutic as it was when I was in school. Both of us are learning so much, and that’s rewarding. I enjoy seeing Patti’s smile and sense of accomplishment when she completes a piece.” – Robyn Badon (Mentor)

“Having only had a public education setting for my English instruction so far, it sounded like heaven when our teacher told us about an opportunity to get connected with a personal writing mentor! Working with someone one-on-one has been extremely valuable to me. I love being able to bounce ideas and brainstorm with someone. Going over what I’ve written so far has been so helpful. Right now we are working on flash fiction and short stories, and I am focusing on how to create better imagery and engage the reader more fully. I love the freedom of subject I have here! In school our writing is so restricted and regimented; on our own it’s really difficult to find anyone to help you. I feel like this program has really given me the opportunity to grow so much more than I would have otherwise.” – Patti Keene (Mentee)

“My Language Arts teacher told me that I should participate in Salt Lake Teens Write because it will help me become a better writer. I learned a lot in this program so far because I have such a great mentor; I learned how to write a scholarship essay and a resume. So far it is a good experience. Writing together is great because I have developed a lot of cool, awesome tools to be creative. The most rewarding thing about this program is working with my mentor and just having the opportunity to learn new writing skills.” – Abdikadir Eftin (Mentee)

Featured Works from Salt Lake Teens Write

The un-sticky sticky note
By Takara Truong

I thought you were with me

I thought you had stayed

I thought you'd remind me

of the assignments due today

I though we were a team

both combined you and I

To battle against school assignments

and against the due time

I thought I could trust you

but that was a Lie

This is the end.

Sticky Note, Good Bye.

By Alexis Isle

We are human

That's all we are

We wonder around aimlessly

Never really knowing where we are going

Making it up as we go along

Where are we supposed to be?

Who are we supposed to be?

All we do is wonder around in the dark abyss

Every step we take brings us closer to death

Are you ready?

Are you ready to take that step?

Make the move

Jump off the cliff

Ready to feel your hair flying in the wind

So fast it leaves a scratch

Will you be more then human and stop walking in the abyss

Will you be more then human and scream to all the walking that you are more than just another person in the mist

Will you be more than human and stop walking toward your death

Tell death it has to wait

Because you want your life to be great

Tell yourself that if you continue with this endless charade that you will soon walk off the edge

Will You be More Than Human?

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