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Writing for Change

The SLCC Community Writing Center now offers a civic writing workshop: Writing for Change!  The CWC believes that writing is a primary tool to make change in our community.  Whether the purpose is education, advocacy, organizing or promotion, writing effectively plays a key role in bringing people together, sharing messages and challenging the status quo.

Beginning in January 2010, the CWC launched three new areas of programming within the Writing for Change initiative: the Utah Community Literacy and Writing Consortium, Writing for Change Events with the Salt Lake City Library and a Community Survey on Writing and Change.  Please explore all of these programs, and find out how YOU can make a change with writing!

Writing for Change Events with the Salt Lake City Library
Writing to public officials is one sure way to make change in our community, especially if a bunch of people get together to do it!  Check back soon for Summer writing events dates!

If you can't make one of these workshops, please click on the links below for a Writing for Change virtual workshop:

Writing for Change Workshop
Writing for Change, Part 1-- How Change Happens
Writing for Change, Part 2-- Writing Strategies
Writing for Change, Part 3-- Contact Information 
Writing for Change, Part 4-- Common Concerns and Further Resources 

Writing for Change Handouts
Writing Strategies
Writing Strategies (Spanish)
Contact Information

Writing for Change is one of several programs we have developed with the Salt Lake City Library. To learn more about these programs visit our Writing Partners page.

Utah Community Literacy and Writing Consortium
The Utah Community Literacy and Writing Consortium is comprised of programs at Salt Lake Community College, the University of Utah and Westminster College.  Students at each of these institutions can engage in writing for change activities via the Community Writing Center.  Please check out this brochure for more information on how to get involved. 

Community Survey on Writing and Change
How do community organizations use writing for change?  What ways would organizations like to use writing for change if they had the capacity and resources to do so?  This Spring, the CWC will be finding the answers to these questions in order to provide the best possible programming to our community.

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