Dental Hygiene

Core Curriculum


Note: Pre-requisite courses can be in progress when submitting an application, final grades will be checked at the end of the Spring semester with the noted grade requirements/conditions:

  • All BIOL and CHEM courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C+ or better
  • All other prerequisite courses listed below must be completed with a minimum grade of C or better
  • All science (BIOL/CHEM) prerequisites must have been completed within the last five years

BIOL 2060/2065

Microbiology Lecture/Lab


BIOL 2320/2325

Human Anatomy Lecture/Lab


BIOL 2420/2425

Human Physiology Lecture/Lab


CHEM 1110

Elementary Chemistry


CHEM 1115

Elementary Chemistry Lab


ENGL 1010

Intro to Writing


MATH 1010

Intermediate Algebra


COMM 1010

Elements of Effective Comm.


HLTH 1020

Foundation of Nutrition


SOC 1010

Intro to Sociology


PSY 1010

Intro to Psychology


Total Credits   





The SLCC Dental Hygiene program is a 64-week program consisting of 4 semesters for the duration of 16 weeks per semester. The program requires full-time attendance, Monday through Friday. Students have the summer off between first and second year. Graduates earn an Associate of Applied Science degree and are eligible to take national and regional boards required for licensure.

Students are under direct supervision of Registered Dental Hygienists and licensed Dentists during the clinical experience. Students are expected to participate in external clinical rotations and community service projects. Students who graduate will accrue a minimum of 89 credits.

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DH1050     Dental   Radiology*

DH1060     Dental   Rad. Lab*

DH1100     DH   Theory I*

DH1110     Clinical   DH I*

DH1330     Head   & Neck Anatomy

DH1340     Dental   Anatomy

DH1350     Dental Embryology/Histology


DH1140     Dental   Materials*

DH1150     Dental   Materials Lab*

DH1400     DH   Theory II*

DH1410     Clinical   DH II*

DH1540     Pharmacology

DH1640     Comp.   Patient


DH2050     Gen.   & Oral  Pathology

DH2200     DH   Theory III*

DH2210     Clinical   DH III*

DH2340     Local   Anesthesia*

DH2341     Local   Anesthesia Lab*

DH2450     Periodontology


DH2220     Community   Dental Health

DH2600     DH   Theory IV

DH2610     Clinical   DH IV

DH2800     Practice   Management



DH1050 Dental Radiology  (2 credits) Prereq: Admission into program. Coreq: DH1060. Study of physical behavior, biological effects, methods of control, safety and techniques for exposing, processing and mounting radiographs. Included is interpretation, recognition and identification of significant findings.

DH1060 Dental Radiology Lab (1 credit)   Prereq: Admission into program. Coreq: DH1050. Laboratory experience in dental radiography procedures and techniques. Treatment planning, exposure, interpretation and evaluation of dental radiographs with emphasis on client management techniques and their application.

DH1100 Dental Hygiene Theory  (3 credits) Prereq: Admission into program. Coreq: DH1110. Introductory course to practice of dental hygiene. Students learn principles and theory of infection control, medical, dental, extra/intra-oral assessments, management of medical emergencies, current instrumentation and operatory management.

DH1110 Clinical Dental Hygiene  (2 credits) Prereq: Admission into program. Coreq: DH1100. Students will demonstrate basic dental hygiene skills and procedures. Skill development is attained through practice sessions and performance evaluations.

DH1140 Dental Materials (1 credit) Prereq: DH1050, DH1060, DH1100, DH1110, DH1330, DH1340, and DH1350. Coreq: DH1150. Study of chemical and physical composition and uses of dental materials. Emphasis on effects of various materials in the oral environment and why specific materials are used. There is an accompanying lab.

DH1150 Dental Materials Lab (1 credit)    Prereq: Acceptance into the Dental Hygiene Program, DH1100, DH1110, DH1050, DH1060, DH1330, and DH1340. Coreq: DH1140. Students receive the opportunity to develop manipulative skills and practice procedures with various materials used in dentistry and dental hygiene.

DH1330 Head and Neck Anatomy (2 credits) Prereq: Admission into program. This course covers the study of head, neck and oral anatomy, with emphasis on terminology. Lab is included.

DH1340 Dental Anatomy (1 credit) Prereq: Admission into program. This is the comprehensive presentation of structures of the oral cavity, including oral anatomy, tooth development anatomy and occlusion. Lab is included.

DH1350 Dental Embryology/Histology (1 credit)  Prereq: Admission into program. This is a comprehensive presentation of embryonic, fetal and postnatal development of tissues and structures of the head and oral cavity.

DH1400 Dental Hygiene Theory II (3 credits) Prereq: DH1100 and DH1110. Continuance of DH Theory I.Coreq: DH1410. Comprehensive patient care will be required in various problem solving and decision making skills involving the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of direct care to the public.

DH1410 Clinical Dental Hygiene II (3 credits)  Prereq: DH1100 and DH1110.Coreq: DH1400.  Delivery of preventative and therapeutic services. Practical application from didactic information. Professionalism, client and operating safety, instrument competency.

DH1540 Pharmacology  (3 credits) Prereq: DH1100. Course emphasizes pharmacodynamics of drug action, modes of administration, biotransformation, excretion, drug side effects and interactions. Focus on impact various medications have in dental and dental hygiene treatment.

DH1640 Compromised Patient Special  Needs (2 credits) Prereq: DH1100. Course offers in-depth study of problems, unusual health conditions and/or factors that may complicate routine dental hygiene care.

DH2050 General and Oral Pathology (3 credits) Prereq: DH1400 and DH1640. Course focuses on fundamentals of oral pathology and disease processes. An overview of oral pathology emphasizes recognition and identification of pathologic conditions within the oral cavity.

DH2200 Dental Hygiene Theory III (3 credits) Prereq: DH1400. Coreq: DH2210. Course of study in theory and practice of dental hygiene.  Focus will be on advanced instrumentation, implementation of advanced dental hygiene care, and case studies .                                                       

DH2210 Clinical Dental Hygiene III (4 credits) Prereq: DH1410. Coreq: DH2200. Continued application of preventive and therapeutic service to the public. Advanced aspects of hygiene care are applied through learning sessions/performance evaluations for local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, ultrasonic/sonic and case management.

DH2220 Community Dental Health (3 credits) Prereq: DH1640. Principles and practice of public health methods and plans are taught examining biostatistics and epidemiology. Students design, implement and evaluate programs with community focus.

DH2340 Local Anesthesia (2 credits) Prereq: DH1540. Coreq: DH2341. Pain control in the dental office setting including administration of local anesthetic/nitrous oxide and anxiety management. Completion of this course qualifies students to take WREB for local area anesthesia. Lab is included.

DH2341 Local Anesthesia Lab (1 credit) Prereq: DH1540. Coreq: DH2340. Demonstration and administration of all local regional blocks are experienced in a supervised lab setting. Minimum competence is verified through successful completion of proficiency evaluations.

DH2450 Periodontology (2 credits) Prereq: DH1410 and DH1640.  Anatomy/physiology, histopathology, microbiology specific to dental disease, etiology and clinical features of gingival/ periodontal infections are taught. Emphasis is placed on recognition and treatment planning for periodontal clients.

DH2600 Dental Hygiene Theory IV (3 credits) Prereq: DH 2200. Coreq: DH2610. This course offers advanced techniques for treatment of periodontal disease including various models of treatment and wound healing. Emphasis is placed on the role of the dental hygienist as a periodontal co-therapist. This course continues the study of dental hygiene treatment of patients with special needs using case-based learning tools.

DH2610 Clinical Dental Hygiene IV (5 credits) Prereq: DH 2210. Clinical expertise is refined. Time management and patient care are emphasized, preparing students for clinical licensing board examinations.

DH2800 Practice Management   (2 credits) Prereq: DH 2200. This course provides a study of principles and procedures related to management of the dental practice; the philosophy of dental practice and the business of dentistry. Emphasis is placed on dental jurisprudence and ethical issues, and applied interpersonal communication both written and oral. Students develop skills in interviewing, writing letters of application and resumes.