Ways to Support SLCC Scholarships

When you give to scholarships through the Salt Lake Community College Foundation, you are helping to change the lives of students who otherwise might not have gone to college. Although SLCC’s tuition is affordable, many of our students still have financial challenges. Supporting scholarships is also a meaningful way to honor family, friends, beloved professors, an academic program or any other meaningful influence in your life.

Donate to the General Scholarship Fund. You may earmark your contribution for existing scholarships for specific types of students, such as single parents, or for particular academic programs. Please contact the Development Office at (801)957-4021 to learn more about existing scholarships.

You can designate your gift for general scholarships in the following academic programs:

  • Applied Technology and Technical Specialties
  • Arts, Communications and Media
  • Business
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Science, Mathematics and Engineering

We also have unique scholarship opportunities you can contribute to, including:

  • Bruin Dreams for undocumented students.
  • PACE (Partnerships for Accessing College Education) for participating high school students.
  • SLCC PROMISE for students whose federal Pell Grant does not cover the cost of tuition.

Create a named annual scholarship. The suggested minimum donation to create a named scholarship is $2,000. You can make additional donations to extend the life of the scholarship or to help more students.

Endow a scholarship. It takes a minimum of $50,000 to endow a scholarship. The SLCC Foundation will prudently invest your donation, and only returns are applied toward scholarships. Generations of students will thank you.

Athletic scholarships. Student athletes at SLCC represent the College in the local community and across the country. Several programs support scholarships for SLCC student athletes.

To donate now to an existing scholarship. For more information or to create a new scholarship, contact:

Laura Thomas
Development Officer
SLCC Foundation