Development Office



SLCC Alumni Registration Form
Join now to take advantage of special benefits exclusively for alumni of Salt Lake Community College. Call 801-957-4654 for more information.

South High Alumni Association Scholarship Application
Direct descendants of South High alumni are eligible to apply for this half tuition award at Salt Lake Community College.  Download the application or call 801-957-3366 for more information.


Donor Solicitation Approval Form
Use this form whenever you are planning to contact a company, organization or individual in the community to ask for assistance in raising funds. You must receive approval from the Director of Development PRIOR to any visit or ask. This form is for internal use only.

Gift & Donation Report Form
Use this form when you receive any cash gift or in-kind donation. When you return the completed form to the Development Office we begin the acknowledgement process by sending a thank-you letter and official receipt. This form is for internal use only.

Gift-in-Kind Report Form
This form is used to record gifts of tangible items that are periodically donated to SLCC. Please bear in mind that not all gifts-in-kind can be accepted, and some in-kind donations must be approved by the Director of Risk Management. Please contact the Development Office if you have questions. Donors are acknowledged in the same way as those who donate cash gifts. Gift-in-kind donors receive a thank-you letter and receipt detailing the nature of the gift, but the value of the gift must be determined by the donor - sometimes through a qualified appraisal. This form is for internal use only.

Private Funding Proposal Packet

The Development Office is often aware of various grant opportunities made available by private foundations and corporations. This form is used to summarize proposals for approval by Cabinet prior to submission. Proposals must be coordinated with the Development Office and delivered at least two weeks before the deadline. This form is for internal use only.

Jay L. Nelson Quad Fountain Order Form
Use this form to place an order for an inscribed brick, paver, bench or tree plaque. The reverse side of this form can be used by SLCC employees to initiate a payroll deduction purchase. When you return the completed form to the Development Office we begin the order process.

For publicly funded grants (i.e. state, federal opportunities),
please contact the Grants Administration Office: (801) 957-4447