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Grilled Vegitables Platter

The catering staff at SLCC Dining Services is prepared to delight your senses.  Led by our team of culinary professionals, we offer a wide variety of options from tasty treats to sumptuous feasts!  We have a full range of catering options and our knowledgeable catering coordinators will work with you to design your event.

Catering is available for all SLCC campuses and for off-campus events.  The SLCC Student Center at the Taylorsville Redwood Campus offers a number of rooms that are ideal for events accommodating up  to 300 guests.  To reserve a room in the Student Center, email cheryl.sorensen@slcc.edu or call (801) 957-4076.   

*To arrange catering for Jordan Campus and Miller Campus events, email angela.majors@slcc.edu or call (801) 957-5206.


Before placing an order with our Catering Service please refer to our:    




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Catering Office

To place your catering order for South City or

Taylorsville Campus please contact

Redwood Catering Services 


Mon-Fri 8AM-3PM

To place your order for Miller or Jordan Campus

MCS Catering Services

(801) 957-5206

Mon-Fri 8AM-3PM