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Students interested in learning about labor and delivery, childbirth or becoming a Doula will enjoy this course. Students will learn what to expect in pregnancy, pre- and postpartum, delivery, and how to help and be an advocate for the mother.

Contact Information
Paula Nielson-Williams, Program Manager 


Course HLTH 1300
Title Doula and Childbirth Education

This course covers the pre- and postpartum period of pregnancy as well as labor and delivery. Students will learn what to expect in pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. The class covers all the educational requirements for DONA International to be certified as a Doula.

What is a Doula?

There are two types of Doulas, pre- and postpartum. Prepartum Doulas are birth helpers. They are emotional, mental, and physical support for the woman in labor. They help a woman compose her birth plan and act to help the woman in labor assert her rights to have the birth plan followed.

Postpartum Doulas help after the birth of the baby. New mothers have visits from the postpartum Doula where help and advice are offered in the care and feeding of the baby. Pre- and postpartum Doulas are sometimes contracted through hospitals, community health organizations, or insurance companies. Most likely, the Doula is hired directly by the parents. Doulas working under contract with birth parents usually charge a flat rate. Many use a sliding scale to assist those who may want a Doula but cannot afford one. Fees often include two prenatal visits, 24hrs on-call two weeks before the due date, attendance at the birth and immediately postpartum, and a postpartum visit.