Disability Resource Center

Services Provided by the DRC

Accommodations and Services Provided by the DRC

1. Adaptive Equipment: The DRC makes the following adaptive equipment available as a service for students to check out:

  • Tape Recorder, CD or MP3 player
  • Comtek (FM system)
  • Speller
  • Voice Speller
  • Special spellers for the blind
  • Calculator
  • Talking Calculator
  • Specialized keyboard
  • Laptop computers

2. Alternative Text: The DRC can provide alternatives for text-based materials:

  • Kurzweill software for creating digitized text and audio materials
  • Enlarged Text
  • Audio materials for tape players, CD, MP3, iPod
  • Brailled text

3. Assistive Technology: The DRC can provide special assistive software:

  • Dragon Dictate (voice recognition software for individuals with a speech impediment)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (voice recognition software)
  • JAWS (screen reading software)
  • VISTA & ZOOM (screen enlargement software)
  • Test taking and scanning software (Kurzweill, Wynn)

4. Examination Accommodations: The DRC can provide the following types of testing accommodations:

  • Alternate testing sites
  • Extended testing time
  • Alternate test formats
  • Testing aides (proctors, readers, scribes, and interpreters)
  • Examination equipment; markers & chalk boards, computers, calculators, and spellers

5. Adaptive Furniture: The DRC can provide the following types of adaptive furniture to accommodate students:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Adjustable tables
  • Other furniture as needed

6. Interpreters: The DRC can provide interpreters for students in all classes available through SLCC. Assignment of interpreters will be made at the discretion of the DRC while taking into account the difficulty of the class and the skill level (i.e. certification level) of the interpreter and the needs of the student.

7. Notetakers: Individual notetakers can be provided to students who have difficulty taking their own notes, where the use of tape recorders is not sufficient. Notetaking services are provided to students in the classroom, in required laboratories and other required classroom situations.

8. Readers/Scribes: The DRC can also provide the services of an in-class reader or scribe. Services for study time and other required activities may also be authorized by advisors.

9.  Early Registration:  Students who can document limitations in mobility (wheelchairs, blind and visually impaired students), or have accommodations which require advance scheduling (such as interpreting, steno services) can register for classes early, through their DRC advisor.

10. Other Accommodations: Other services required under ADA which are necessary for students to have full and equal access to a college education may be authorized as needed by advisors and approved by the Director, the college ADA Coordinator or other authorized agent.

11.  Computer Labs:  DRC computer labs are available for selected hours at Redwood, South City and Jordan campuses. Students can use computers for class assignments and use the assistive software. Support staff are available to help, but on a limited basis.