Web Sites for Deaf and Hard of Hearing*

Fuse Wireless
Top provider of wireless solutions for the deaf and hard of hearing

HITEC Group International
Assistive Communication Products (Hearing Aids, Amplified Phones, TTY computers and more)

HAC of America Group
Hearing aids and accessories

Harris Communications
Assistive Listening Devices, Visual Alert Signalers, TTY/TDD, Hearing Aid Batteries, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Books, Videos and Novelties

TTY's and accessories

Global Assistive Devices, Inc.
Alarm Clocks, Phone Ring Signalers, Door Knock Signalers, Bed Shakers, Vibrating Watches, TV Caller ID and more.

Sorenson Vision, Inc.
Video compression technologies, high-quality video communication tools and applications for use in multimedia and interactive business solutions, and personal communications products.

Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, pagers and similar devices.

* This web site is not intended to be a complete list of deaf and hard of hearing resources and links contained here do not constitute endorsement of any organization, philosophy, procedure or product by the Salt Lake Community College.