Disability Resource Center

DRC Staff

Director, Candida Darling, LCSW

Assistant Director, Sherine Miller, MS

Assistant Director, Steven Lewis, MS

Manager, Interpreting Services, Julie Smith, AS, RID CI/CT, Utah Professional Certification

Coordinator, Assistive Technology/Advisor, Telina Daniels, M.Ed

Administrative Assistant, Cheer Mackay

Accessibility Advisor, Mary Keinz, MS,

Accessibility Advisor, Jody Katz, MA, CRC

Accessibility Advisor, Jodi Kinner, MSW, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Specialist

Accessibility Advisor, Laurie Knighton, MS, CRC, 

Accessibility Advisor, Daniel DeWitt, MS

Accessibility Advisor, Jake Seamons, MS 

Specialist, Testing & Notetaking, Jamie Bird

Staff Interpreter, Jim Fenton, BS, Utah Professional Certification

Accommodation Specialist, Linda Richards, BS

Accommodation Specialist, Hollie Schaerrer

Technology Specialist, Mike Clausing

Receptionist, Amber Jentzsch


All DRC staff may be reached at 801-957-4659