Disability Resource Center

Getting Started

The DRC can help students with disabilities with the College's application, admission and enrollment process and with applications for financial aid.  We provide interpreters or the other accommodations to ensure that prospective students gain complete access to college services and functions.  If you are visually impaired, we can arrange for a tour so you can familiarize yourself with the campus.  Please contact the DRC prior to your visit so we can arrange for assistance.

 Each new student is strongly encouraged to consider these four steps to success:

  1. Attend a New Student Orientation.  This orientation will cover general college information, such as; how to choose a major and registering for classes.  Students can sign up for an orientation by calling 801-957-4978.  The Online Quick Connect Orientation is another good way to get started at SLCC.
  2. Visit with an Academic Advisor to discuss your program of study before you register for classes.  Academic Advisors will answer questions regarding curriculum and academic requirements.  Students who are unsure about their majors can also get assistance with career advising.
  3. Consider taking the ACCUPLACER test early, or if you are going to take classes through the Division of Applied Technology, take the "Test of Adult Basic Education" (T.A.B.E.).  The ACCUPLACER results determine placement in Writing and English courses as well as in Mathematic courses, and is required of students as a prerequisite to many classes at the College.  Degree seeking students should brush up on their reading, writing and math skills and take the ACCUPLACER soon so they can move forward with their math and English requirements.
  4.  Enroll in EDU 1020, Essentials of College Study, a course offered by the College.  This course provides an introduction to and the opportunity for, practicing many skills necessary for success in college courses.