Disability Resource Center

Grievances and Complaints

girl with seeing eye dogTitle II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states, in part 5, "that no otherwise qualified disabled individual shall solely by reason of disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination in programs or activities by a public entity."If you have concerns about the services you are receiving, you can contact the following individuals:

Your DRC Advisor
Disability Resource Center, 801-957-4659
He/she will be the most knowledgeable about your case and can intervene with faculty or staff if there are problems with implementing your academic accommodations in the classroom.

DRC Director, Candida Darling
Student Center, Room. 244, 801-957-4659
Speaking with Ms. Darling is the first step in resolving conflicts or concerns. She will listen to your concern and work with you to resolve the situation.

ADA Manager, Mikel Birch
Academic & Administration Building, Room. 211K, 801-957-4041
Ms. Birch is available to hear concerns about services provided under ADA. She can help clarify requirements under the law or review decisions made by the DRC. She should also be contacted for issues about physical access to buildings and access to college functions and services.

Dean of Students, Marlin Clark
Student Center, Room 276, 801-957-4004
Grievances against faculty, staff, or other students should be made to Dr. Clark. Violations of the Code of Conduct are also handled by his office.

Interim, Assistant Vice President of Student Services, Curtis Larsen
Student Center, Room 266B, 801-957-4186

If you have concerns about the treatment you received from Student Services staff. Although you are encouraged to try to resolve grievances within the campus process, you also have a right to file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights at any time.