Disability Resource Center

Scope of DRC Services

Student walking to schoolThe DRC provides accommodations for students for classroom-related assignments, college functions and activities so they can obtain access to and benefit from the "full college experience."  DRC staff is also available to consultation on ADA issues, for resource information and universal design concepts.

A student is defined as: "anyone attending classes sponsored in whole or in part at any campus of SLCC." This means we will provide accommodations to:

Students taking classes for credit, non credit or audited classes. This would include staff and faculty taking classes 

High School students co-enrolled in SLCC programs, including classes taught off-site such as the Jordan and Granite Technology programs.

Individuals taking distance education or e-learning courses sponsored by SLCC.

 New and prospective student may also receive assistance with:

  • Orientations, open houses or related services and functions.
  • Applicants for admissions, financial aide or placement tests (CPT).

College functions are defined as: "events, activities and functions which students, or prospective students, may attend." This means we provide accommodations for the following:

Graduation ceremonies, awards banquets, student services events, departmental functions attended by students (see interpreting services below).

Community functions which are co sponsored by the college and held on campus

Licensing, certifications, and tests administered through the college- in coordination with the licensing authority.

DRC Services to Faculty

The DRC can provide information on accessible classrooms, universal design and disability issues related to classroom instruction.  We can provide feedback on accessibility of classroom materials, text books, and Web sites.  Each DRC staff member has expertise in a specific area of disability (see DRC staff link).  They would welcome an opportunity to provide suggestions on teaching technique and to answer specific questions about the services being given to your students.

Resource materials related to disability issues to include books, periodicals, tapes, CDs and videos. are available for check out to students and faculty throughout the Markosian Library or from the DRC.  Check the disability resource linda on this website.

Captioning services for videos, films and Web delivered media is available through the DRC in a joint effort with Media Services.

Please contact Candida Darling at the DRC: (801) 957-4659 or candida.darling@slcc.edu for more information.

ADA Accommodations for Staff and Faculty

Please note: The Disability Resource Center provides service only to students and assists with accommodations for college events which might be attended by students.

Full time faculty, adjunct faculty, full time staff, hourly staff members, work study and other personnel who have disabilities and desire accommodations under ADA, for themselves, must apply for assistance through Human Resources.  All inquiries as to services and procedures should be directed to Patti Williams at HR.  She will make a determination as to eligibility, authorize accommodations and coordinate their implementation with the relevant department.