Disability Resource Center

Services NOT Provided by the DRC

  1. Students reading a bulletin boardTutoring Services: The DRC does NOT provide subject specific tutoring to any student. Such tutoring is determined, by policy, not to be an ADA accommodation.  Tutoring services are provided by SLCC to all students through the Learning Center, the Writing Center, Focused Tutoring and departmental labs.
  2.  Personal Aides: The DRC does not provide "personal aides" for students. Students needing personal assistants for activities such as getting in and out of wheel chairs, getting in and out of swimming pools, or providing cleaning and attendant services, should be advised that they need to make personal arrangements for such services.  These services are available through community and governmental agencies.
  3. Transportation:  Getting to college, between campuses or between buildings is the responsibility of the student.  Handicapped parking is sufficiently available at all campuses; special parking permits are subject to conditions established by parking services and are not a required ADA accommodation.
  4. Diagnostic Evaluations: As a matter of policy, SLCC and the DRC will not provide or pay for diagnostic evaluations and documentation which support student claims for accommodations. It is the responsibility of the student to provide such documentation to the DRC prior to receiving any services.  A list of local diagnosticians who provide such evaluations can be obtained from the DRC.