Disability Resource Center

Student Responsibilities

In order to receive services from the Disability Resource Center (DRC), students must self disclose their disabilityStudents talking quietly in the library, Girl pushing friend in wheelchair and provide appropriate medical documentation (as required by ADA).  Students may be required to provide periodic updates of such documentation and discuss the functional limitations caused by the disability with their DRC Advisor.

Students are expected to adhere to the following:

  1. Take personal responsibility for their education at SLCC and obtain assistance from other student services such as academic advising, the library, the learning center, etc.
  2. Abide by college rules and regulations, the Student Code of Conduct and DRC policies procedures. These are not mitigated by medical condition or disability.
  3. Sign a Release of Information form which allows the DRC to share limited information, on a need-to-know basis, with faculty and others in the college community. 
  4. Personally deliver Accommodation Authorization Letters to course instructors and cooperate with classroom service providers.
  5. Renew accommodations each semester.  Meet regularly with their DRC Advisor in order to review classes and academic progress. Cooperate with their DRC Advisor by attending scheduled appointments.
  6. Contact their DRC Advisor immediately when changes occur, when they experience problems or when their accommodations are interrupted, for any reason.
  7. Maintain borrowed equipment in good condition and return it in a timely manner. If borrowed equipment is not returned when agreed upon, a hold may be placed on registration and grade transcripts.
  8. Report to class on time.  If you do not show up within 15 minutes of the start of class, the interpreter, or service provider, will leave and report the absence to the DRC. If three consecutive classes are missed (without receiving prior approval) or if there is a pattern of missing classes on a regular basis, services may be suspended until after you meet with a DRC Advisor.
  9. Follow course attendance policies.  Most courses have policies on unexcused absences, which if exceeded, can result in your receiving a failing grade.  It is a student's responsibility to check the syllabus for each class and check with the instructor if they have questions.  Attendance can not be waived by the DRC.