Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) & Risk Administration


Contract Review
Contract Review Instructions
Contract Review Checklist
Contract Routing Cover Sheet
Signatory Authority Master List

Standard Contract Templates
SLCC Affiliation Agreement
SLCC Contract for Entertainment and Workshops
SLCC Contract for Goods and Services
SLCC Contract for Grand Theatre Actors/Musicians
SLCC Contract for VAD Art Models
SLCC Contract for Summer Spirit Band
SLCC Independent Contractor Instructions    
SLCC Independent Contractor Contract 

Copyright/Intellectual Property
Permission to Use Creative Works Form

Drug Screen Authorization Forms
Allied Health - current student
Allied Health - pre-enrollment
CDL Employees
Certified Nursing Assistant - current student
Certified Nursing Assistant - pre-enrollment
Dental Hygiene Program - pre-enrollment
Diagnostic Medical Sonography - current student
Diagnostic Medical Sonography - pre-enrollment
General Employee
General Student
Nursing - current student
Nursing - pre-enrollment
Pharmacy Technician - current student
Pharmacy Technician - pre-enrollment

Emergency Procedures
Department Call Down List Instructions and Template

Emergency Procedures Manual

Equal Employment Opportunity
EEO Intake Form

GRAMA Request Form

Incident/Accident Report
SLCC Incident Form

Informed Consent for Minors
Informed Consent for Minors Form

Media Release
Media Release Form

Mediation Brochure

Official Volunteer
Official Volunteer Form

Policy and Procedure Templates
SLCC Policy Template
SLCC Procedure Template

Records Management
Records Destruction Services Form
Off Site Records Storage Services Form

Mileage / Motor Pool Authorization Form
In-State Travel Request Form
Out-of-State Travel Request Form

Workers' Compensation Form
Workers' Compensation Claim Form