Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) & Risk Administration

EEO Services

Provide an ombudsperson whose role is to:

  • Listen to complaints, concerns and issues
  • Exercise discretion and maintain confidentiality on a 'need to know' basis
  • Adhere to Federal and State laws and College policy
  • Maintain neutrality and impartiality
  • Always act immediately where there appears to be a threat of imminent harm
  • Maintain confidential files and documentsInform the party(ies) of possible resolution
  • Refer the party(ies) to the appropriate department or person
  • Promote fairness and justice in policies, procedures and practices
  • Advocate for fair processes and their application

Provide protection for SLCC Employees against discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the following categories:

  • RaceSexColor
  • National Origin
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Veteran Status
  • Disability
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Retaliation
  • Protected Activity (Whistleblowing)
  • Pregnancy

Facilitate the use of Mediation as an "Alternative Dispute Resolution" process per policy in resolving grievances and harassment or discrimination complaints by:

  • Coordinating the SLCC Mediation Council comprised of certified mediators and those with a defined interest in mediation
  • Promoting the certification and continuing education of interested College staff and faculty as trained mediators
  • Providing detailed information for those who wish to consider using the mediation process

Provide a procedure for reporting suspected improper activities:

Whistleblower Procedure Objectives

1.  Reporting Procedure for Suspected Improper Activities – provides for any employee who communicates in good faith the existence of:
  • any waste of public funds
  • any waste of property
  • any waste of manpower
  • suspected violation of a law, rule or regulation adopted under the laws of this state
2.  Stewardship of SLCC resources
3.  SLCC commitment to and compliance with laws and regulations
4.  Support of ethical practices and ethical treatment of those in the college community
5.  Establish a whistleblower hotline (EthicsPoint link)
6.  Provide protection from retaliation in reporting
7.  Provide an integral internal safeguard for all SLCC operations