School of Applied Technology Electronics Technology


Electronics Assembly Technician Program

An entry point into the field of electronics; upon completion you will be awarded a Certificate and a Transcript showing program courses.

Electromechanical Assembly Technician Program

Upon completion you will be awarded a Certificate and a Transcript showing program courses. In addition to the courses within the Electronics Assembly Program described above, you will add industry certifications and new skills including those certifications required by many high-tech companies. 

Electronics Technician Program

A solid foundation for students that wish to enter the electronics technician field;  upon completion you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion  and a Transcript showing program courses.The program consists of electronics assembly (identical with the Electronics Assembly Technician program), DC circuits, AC circuits, Analog circuits, Digital circuits, Computer Literacy, and Industry Certification.  Electives include Troubleshooting, FCC Test Preparation, or internship, Microprocessors, and more.

Communications Electronics Technician Program

The foundation for student that wish to enter the Communications Technician field.  You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and a Transcript showing program courses.  The program uses many of the same core courses as the Electronics Technician program but then adds communications courses.  Many utility companies are facing potential shortages of communications technicians and this program was developed to alleviate that shortage. 

Electronics Engineering Technician Program

The Electronics Technician program and the Communication Electronics program in that software tools are emphasized over hands-on laboratories. The use of schematic capture software, computer simulation software, pc layout software, and microprocessors replaces many of the  hardware development processes associated with other technician programs.  This focus is a result of the movement within electrical engineering technology towards computer simulation programs and the need for technician help.

Why the School of Applied Technology?

Enter in one of the School of Applied Technology Electronics programs.  You can start nearly any week and complete when you demonstrate you have mastered the program/course competencies.  You are not tied to traditional semesters or quarters and you can complete early if you work hard. You can often get added time if you cannot complete the course on time.  If you lack confidence in your ability to do college-level work, the Skills Center program is for you.  Once you taste the success of a School of Applied Technology Electronics program, you can then enter the workforce and continue your education towards a two-year degree, four-year degree, and beyond.

Are jobs available?

The local job market for assembly and technician people is  good with employers calling or sending e-mail often for our graduates.  We suggest you look in the local newspapers under “Assembly”, "Manufacturing", “Electronics” or “Technicians”.  The Sunday newspaper classified advertisements are best.  You will see jobs available almost every Sunday.  You might also look at web sites such as or national web sites such as  Many jobs require experience but you may find that your life experiences and training qualify as well.

Taking individual courses

The School of Applied Technology courses may be taken separately.  You may find that a single course satisfies your requirements.  Want to take only Surface Mount Technology soldering?  We can do that.  Want to take only DC Circuits?  Want to take only J-Std Certification?  We can do that.  You must have the necessary prerequisites and you can discuss your qualifications for a specific course with the instructor.

What if the course is not offered by the School of Applied Technology?

These may be a little more difficult to initiate but certainly possible if the job market justifies a new course.  We may even find that the course is desirable for other students.

Are students successful in the job market?

Our students have been hired at several local companies as entry-level assemblers and technicians .  Electronics Assembly technician and Electronics Technician jobs are available in the Salt Lake area at good starting salaries.