Emergency Preparedness

Building Marshals

The Building Marshal is responsible for emergency management in their respective buildings.  During an emergency they represent The College in all emergency response efforts in the absence of professional first responders.

Where possible and appropriate, an Assistant Building Marshal is assigned to aid the Building Marshal with his/her duties or act in their stead when absent.  For the purposes of this handbook, any time the Building Marshal is referenced, the same instructions apply to the Assistant Building Marshal.

Building Marshals report safety and environmental problems to the Emergency Response and Environmental Health & Safety Managers.  CERT members working in a particular building report to the Building Marshal.  Building Marshals assign CERT members to help them with the orderly evacuation of their building or whatever is required by the response plan at that time.

Communication is coordinated by the Building Marshal or designee.  During an emergency, the college’s Emergency Response Manager will be in direct contact with the Building Marshal in order to exchange emergency related information.

Like the other emergency response groups and organizations, the Building Marshal program follows the Incident Command System (ICS) with the Building Marshal taking the position of Incident Commander.

List of College Building Marshals by Campus