Academic Literacy Center

At the Academic Literacy Center, you can receive help on a variety of reading or language tasks.  


Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Technology Building Rm. 430

We can help you to:

  • comprehend an assigned reading
  • distinguish between main ideas, supporting ideas, and evidence
  • understand an assignment sheet
  • analyze a text rhetorically
  • practice conversation and/or pronunciation
  • learn critical reading strategies
  • create study sheets, outlines, or reviews for exams
  • synthesize ideas from different texts
  • evaluate sources
  • respond to a text using personal experience or using sources
  • develop strategies for reading and taking notes from textbooks
  • practice an oral presentation
We also hold intermediate and advanced conversation groups for students learning English; and we offer occasional workshops on other academic skills, such as note-taking strategies, understanding sources and how to use them, and engaging in research.