Department Policies for Students

English Department Attendance Policy:
The English Department believes that attendance and active participation in class contribute to success. Therefore, department policy stipulates that at least 10% of your final grade will be based on your involvement in class, as the framework of the course demands that you participate. Therefore, more than 10% of unexcused absences will result in a reduction of one full letter grade.

English Department Statement on Participation
The SLCC English department offers several composition courses. These courses can differ from other college courses which rely on lecture, testing and labs to educate students. Composition courses at SLCC, and indeed across the country, are based in workshop strategies and are often highly collaborative. The Process that you go through to learn in this class is equally important to the products that you produce. In this class, your efforts and participation have real effects on your own and other students’ abilities to learn and develop new writing abilities.
Because of this, the English Department has established a set of responsibilities that are expected of you in this class. Your responsibilities in this class are to:

  • Be fully prepared for every class so that you can engage with the work of that day; have all assigned reading, writing, and/or research completed
  • Actively engage with the class discussion: listen attentively to what others are saying; respond respectfully and thoughtfully to others’ ideas; be willing to offer input on a regular basis; and work to resolve hindrances to your participation.
  • Turn in all formal and informal assignments at the appropriate time (exceptions can be negotiated as they arise, but must have good reasoning and be discussed in a timely fashion).
  • Give thoughtful peer feedback during class workshops and work faithfully with your group on other collaborative tasks (e.g., commenting on drafts, peer editing, on-line discussion boards, answering peer questions)
  • Make substantive revisions when the assignment is to revise—extending or changing the thinking or organization—not just editing or touching up
  • Copy-edit all final revisions of main assignments until they conform to the conventions of edited, revised English
  • Miss no more than ten percent of classes. English Department policy states that missing more than ten percent of classes will result in a full letter grade drop. Necessary exceptions can be dealt with on an individual basis
  • Be on time consistently.

Along with your responsibilities, your teacher's responsibilities in this class, in addition to teaching, are to:

  • Provide you with a document detailing any formal, high stakes assignments
  • Respond to your inquiries by the following class meeting
  • Provide you with clear evaluative criteria for any formal, high-stakes assignments
  • Provide you with opportunities to revise your writing
  • Assist you in developing effective collaborative work processes with your peers