George Ellington


Rank/Title: Associate Professor
Email: george.ellington@slcc.edu  
Phone: 801-957- 4152
Campus: Taylorsville Redwood
Office: TB 416C
Office Hours:


MA from San Francisco State University
MA from University of Utah
BA from San Francisco State University
BA from University of Utah


Muslim Students Association, Faculty Advisor
ESL, Coordinator


ESL 1010 Speaking and Listening
ESL 1020 Reading and Writing
ESL 1030 Conversation
ESL 1040 Grammar
ESL 1050 Vocabulary
ESL 1060 Pronunciation
ANTH 1010 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 1030 Archaeology

George Ellington completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in English literature and teaching English as a second language at San Francisco State University. At the University of Utah, he also studied Turkish language and literature, and completed his Masters degree in Middle East history and Islamic studies.

Apart from teaching courses in ESL, history, and anthropology, George has devoted time to writing textbooks for English language learners, including the Envision English series of advanced level ESL texts for academic studies.

George continues to work on various writing projects—mystery novels, poetry, and textbooks—but he also enjoys any time he can spend with his daughter, reading good books, watching movies, exercising, wandering through nature, and traveling as far overseas as he can.

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