Office of the Registrar and Academic Records

Enrollment Services Data Center

The Data Center is located inside the Enrollment Services office on the second floor of the Student Center on the Taylorsville Campus. The Data Center processes Admissions Applications and updates student information received from a variety of sources.

Address, Phone, E-mail, and Program changes are requested online:

  • Login to MyPage
  • Click on the Student tab.
  • Under Personal Information Change select Change of Address, Phone, E-mail.
  • Complete the form and click Submit Changes.

Program (Major) changes are also requested online:

  • Login to MyPage
  • Click on the Student tab.
  • Under Personal information Change select Major Change Request.
  • Complete the form and click Submit Changes.

Updates to the Admissions Application can be made by submitting the SLCC Admission Update Application. This application can be used to change the admission start term within one year of the original application, to transfer from the School of Applied Technology to credit/undergraduate coursework, or to change from Concurrent Enrollment student status to undergraduate coursework within one year of high school graduation. Update forms can be submitted in person through Enrollment Services offices located Services at the Taylorsville, Jordan, Miller or South City Campuses, or by fax or US mail.

Official High School Transcripts with ACT and SAT score reports can be submitted to the Data Center or Enrollment Services  via US Mail or in person. These documents must be in the original, unopened envelope from the High School or the College Board.  ACT and SAT score reports are also received electronically on a regular basis from the College Board as requested by the student. 

Name changes or corrections, birthdate  corrections, and social security number corrections can be made by providing proper documentation of the correct information, i.e., official State Driver’s License or State ID, Marriage License, Court Order, Social Security Card, etc. This documentation can be brought in person to the Data Center or it can be submitted through Enrollment Services.  Changes and corrections can also be made by submitting a clear copy of the appropriate documentation via fax or US Mail. The copies of some documents such as the Driver’s License and the Social Security Card will need to be enlarged when sending by fax in order to be transmitted clearly.  If you are requesting an information change by fax or US mail, please include your SLCC Student ID Number and a brief explanation of the requested information change or correction.  

Further questions can be addressed by contacting the Data Center.

Data Center
Box 30808
4600 South Redwood Rd
Salt Lake City, UT  84130

Phone:  (801) 957-4283
Fax:  (801) 957-4961

(updated June 2013)