Office of the Registrar and Academic Records

Letter of Completion

Also known as a Letter of General Education Completion, these letters certify that a student has completed General Education requirements. A letter of completion is provided free of charge upon student request ( written authorization needed ) and can only be issued to colleges and universities operated by the State of Utah.  Letters of Completion cannot be issued to any private institution ( BYU, LDS Business College, Utah Career College , etc ) within the state of Utah, with the exception of Westminster College, who will recognize SLCC Letters of Completion.

Students who complete all the general education requirements outlined for an AA or AS degree program ( without completing the whole degree program ) at SLCC will be considered as having completed the general education requirements at any USHE institution. A Letter of General Education Completion provides verification to a receiving institution that the student has satisfied the lower division general education requirements for all Utah public colleges and universities.

Student's can turn in the Letter of Completion form to The Office of the Registrar and Academic Records in person, or by faxing it to: 801-957-4961.