Public Schools

student kidSalt Lake City features an amazing number of options for parents to send their children to school. As the U.S.’s youngest state—the median age in Utah is 29–it stands to reason that this place would value education. It does. And Salt Lake City is no exception.

With hard-working teachers and incredibly efficient school districts, the city’s schools and students are more prepared than most of their national counterparts.

Salt Lake Community College is a part of that. Offering concurrent enrollment to more than a third of the state’s 28,000 high school students, the College plays a large role in ensuring that one-in-four Utah students will take advantage of the opportunity to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school.

That kind of dedication has led to led to Utah’s high graduation and reading proficiency rates—88 percent of all students graduate from high school and 80 percent of third graders score well on tests. It’s no wonder Utah students perform so well—nearly 20 percent of Utah educators have more than 20 years of experience teaching, and nearly two-thirds of Utah teachers have six years or more in the classroom.

In addition to a strong public school system—the city’s West High School regularly ranks among the nation’s finest—Salt Lake City boasts a thriving charter school system and a rich legacy of private school excellence.

Numerous Catholic, Lutheran, and other independent schools make choosing a child’s school a winning proposition. Several schools located in the Salt Lake Valley, and others nearby in such locales as Park City, offer some of the finest education anywhere, and are part of the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools—an organization that has established comprehensive accreditation standards. The 16 Catholic schools along the Wasatch Front send 96 percent of their students to college.


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