Sundance Film Festival

Movie CamThe Sundance Film Festival bills itself, simply, as the premier showcase for independent film held each January. And it is. Sundance is the largest independent film festival, and each winter brings Hollywood to Utah.

The annual 10-day festival in Park City, with additional events in Salt Lake City and Ogden, has exposed local residents and visitors from around the globe to some of the most ground-breaking films from the past 20 years. 

Salt Lake Community College’s historic and picturesque Grand Theatre at its South City Campus was chosen by Sundance Institute to be a screening venue during the Sundance Film Festival for 2015 and 2016.

Each January, the Sundance Film Festival attracts 46,000 people to its screenings and events, and more than 25,000 Utah residents to community screenings. Students are not overlooked, as the Festival offers special student pricing and packages, as well as special outreach programs. In 2012 alone, more than 5,000 Utah high school students experienced Sundance films in the classroom.

Founded in 1981 in a majestic mountain setting, the Sundance Institute is dedicated to discovering and developing independent artists and audiences. The pioneering spirit at Sundance’s heart makes Utah a perfect home for the showcase film festival. The people who move the needle at the Sundance film festival do so largely because they’re willing to take risks—with their words or images or money. And they fit right in, because the people who have made Utah home—from the Anasazi to the trappers to the Catholic missionaries and explorers to the Mormon pioneers to the railroad workers to today’s residents—have taken risks and worked hard.

The pristine landscapes and ready access to nature may stand in sharp contrast to the excesses of Hollywood, but the physical setting for Sundance is a huge draw for the creative class.


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