SLCC Utah's Most Diverse Higher Education Institution

diverse groupSalt Lake Community College values diversity. It’s one thing to say it, and another to live and work according to principles that recognize and valorize people’s ethnic, cultural, and other differences. 

SLCC offers a supportive environment for students and employees that doesn’t discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, or sexual orientation.

 The College, like any good academic institution, fosters real conversation and spurs authentic dialogue. The elements of good conversation are the hallmarks of what makes this place great. The people who teach and work at the College recognize that a willingness to listen to and be heard by others with different perspectives, opinions, and viewpoints is essential not just to getting along but to living well. Working, teaching, and learning at the College requires a chorus of voices and a respectful, welcoming forum in which to voice them. SLCC makes conversation possible. And relishes the process and results those conversations bring.

 Academic advisors at the College work with different cultural and ethnic groups, making sure that all student populations receive the resources they can access and use in a way they’re comfortable with.

 SLCC has also taken steps to makes sure those with mental and physical disabilities receive the accommodations they need to have successful experiences at the College. The College is fully compliant with all ADA policies and welcomes everyone as they are.


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