The Grand Theatre

live production at Grand TheatreThe College boasts a Grand Theatre that serves as the institution’s artistic center. One of South Salt Lake City’s truly iconic venues, the Grand’s history, legacy, and cultural impact is, well, outsized.

The Grand Theatre began as a theater company, but has evolved into much more. It is now a cultural and artistic hub that incubates and fosters creative activities of all sorts. A recent partnership with National Public Radio brought more than one thousand people to the theater’s stage—and another 1.3 million listeners via public radio stations—some of the most fun, exciting science topics. Science Friday came to the Grand Theatre and brought to life scientific topics especially geared for a younger audience.

Science Friday is just one example of the kind of enjoyable activity held at the Grand. In addition to theater productions, the Grand also hosts lectures, exhibits, and other programming that engages the community. The facility is repositioning itself as a place where a broad diversity of creative expression can find a home. With a particular focus on digital storytelling, the Grand is finding ways to connect people with the kinds of entertainment and educational opportunities that enliven their lives.


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