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delicated arch life elevatedUtah has been discovered and rediscovered several times. Its history is replete with people finding this place…and then trying to keep it a secret from everyone else.

The Wasatch Front is the meeting point of the three major rail lines leaving Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles; three major interstate highways converge in Utah, making the state central to the Canada/Mexico trade corridor.

Since its inception, Utah has always been a central location for manufacturing, transportation, and distribution. It has recently become such a place for data storage and movement. Several of the nation’s fastest-growing IT and software companies, such as IM Flash, Adobe, and eBay, have all recently set up shop at the intersection of Utah and Salt Lake County. Located about halfway between the University of Utah and Brigham Young University—two of the top-3 schools in the country for technology commercialization—this area is quickly becoming the center of the state’s growing ‘Silicon Slopes.’

Utah is recognized as the No. 1 state in the nation for Internet adoption and boasts some of the fastest broadband speeds and most widespread wireless availability of any state in the West. The young, tech-savvy workforce makes Utah a great place to work, live, and start a business. Utah is one of the nation’s happiest, healthiest states.

Salt Lake Community College is helping meet the demands of the state’s growing economy, and is part of a state-wide strategy to design and build a talent pipeline of qualified employees. The public/private Utah Cluster Acceleration Partnership works with key industry clusters and leverages Utah’s economic development and enhance the collaboration among Utah System of Higher Education institutions, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the Utah Department of Workforce Services, and industry.

In support of its people’s active lifestyles, the State of Utah provides top-quality health care. President Obama recently called Intermountain Health Care, Utah’s largest health provider, a model for the nation. Praising the company for its ability to offer high quality health care at low cost—in many cases 30 percent less expensive than in other communities—Obama said what can be done in Salt Lake City can be replicated elsewhere.

Utah has the lowest per capita healthcare spending rate at $3,972—versus a national average of $7,026. And businesses benefit as much as individuals. Access to health care choice has been a priority of every recent Utah Governor. To this end, the state recently launched an online health insurance marketplace that assists small businesses in getting access to health care coverage.


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