Moab red rockYou may have seen the bumper sticker: New York, Paris, London, Moab. For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure lovers, only one city on that list matters.

Moab is one of the most sought after destinations in southwest Utah. And for good reasons. Mile-for-mile, there might be more to do in Moab than anywhere else in the world. At least more exciting things to do. The unique combination of the breathtaking red rock scenery, two national parks and the spectacular Colorado River have made Moab synonymous with outdoor living. Moab boasts the world’s greatest mountain biking, hiking, four-wheeling, and river rafting.

Moab’s climate make it the perfect place for the place’s numerous year-round outdoor events and festivals. The town has a rich calendar of events, and there are myriad things to do. But don’t miss the world famous Easter Jeep Safari in the spring or the fall’s Moab Music Festival and the Moab Folk Festival.


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