Red Rock Hollywood

Moab red rock delicate archUtah’s scenery has made the state Hollywood’s backdrop for everything from spaghetti westerns to moon landings. The setting for many enduring movies—from Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid to Forrest Gump to Thelma & Louise, Utah is the go to location for exotic scenery in film.

Utah’s scenery has made dozens and dozens of Hollywood films, and those films have made Utah’s scenery famous. Many of the most recognizable landmarks in Utah’s state parks have been featured in major films. Snow Canyon State Park has made cameos in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid and High School Musical 2, Dead Horse Point State Park has had roles in Mission Impossible 2 and Thelma & Louise.

And it’s not just the beauty of the National Parks that have attracted attention. Films from every era have shown off the diversity of Utah’s natural and man-made landscapes. The Lehi Mills in suburban Salt Lake City captured the small-town feel that made Footloose so popular; the wondrous Goblin Valley—truly unlike any other place on Earth—provided a perfect backdrop for Galaxy Quest; and in Independence Day, Will Smith’s character dragged an alien across the desiccated hard pan of the Booneville Salt Flats.


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