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SLCC's Custodial Department is responsible for cleaning and maintaining over 50 buildings every week - an estimated two million square feet. Each custodial worker has a scheduled routine of work to perform each day in a 'team cleaning setting' Standards have been established by evaluating the amount of time to complete each individual chore, and the space size to be cleaned. Teams clean classrooms, offices and lobbies, as well as maintain floors, carpets and furniture. Shampooing carpets and specific furniture is don on a scheduled basis determined by Custodial Services. The schedule is subject to change if personnel changes or remodeling takes place in an area. If a department feels an area should be re-evaluated, telephone 801-957-3911 for the Facilities Customer Services Department.

2009 Update

We are aware of SLCC's need to become more sustainable while rising to the budget challenges we are being faced with. Beginning Tuesday, January 20, 2009, daily cleaning methods will change. We feel that with this change, efficiencies can be met along with an acceptable level of service. All full-time and part-time employees who previously worked afternoons or late evenings will be moved to a later shift of 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., when buildings are primarily unoccupied. We appreciate everyone's support in helping us move forward to a more efficient and sustainable work place.

1. Vacuuming, emptying trash and detail cleaning of all offices will take place once a week. for those generating too much trash for a once a week pick-up, trash can stations will be placed close to every office area. This will allow each user to empty and reline their own trash cans. If you require special services such as vacuuming, emptying out heavily loaded trash or spill clean-up, please call FIX IT at 801-957-3911 or send an email to FIXIT. Saturdays or Sundays will be our heavy detail and vacuuming days using primarily, part time employees.

2. For Paper recycling and shredded document collection points that may be  full or overflowing, please call FIX IT at 801-957-3911, or email FIXIT.

Other Custodial Services:

Snow - Custodial crews are responsible for general clean-up, as well as snow and ice removal around entranceways and steps of buildings. The Grounds Department would then take over to clean the parking lots and remaining sidewalks.For snow and ice issues, please call FIX IT at (801) 957-3911, or email FIXIT.

Postings - are to be confined to bulletin boards and/or authorized areas Items tacked or taped in unauthorized areas will be removed by our Custodians

Supplemental Services which are in addition to the established schedule can be provided to all departments upon request, but there may be a time delay and/or an additional cost to such requests.


Custodial Office: 801-957-4969

David Earl 
Maintenance/Custodial Manager
Taylorsville-Redwood Campus, GFSB 107B
Office: 801-957-4882

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