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Facilities Services

Elevator Problems

Salt Lake Community College's elevators are serviced by ThyssenKrupp Elevator Company

Reporting and Handling:

  • Please report any elevator problems to FIX IT at 801-957-3911 or Custodial Services at 801-957-4969.
  • In the case of a problem after hours, contact David Earl at 801-792-4514.
  • These people can contact ThyssenKrupp and provide follow-up to get the problems resolved.

In Case of an Emergency:

If someone is trapped in the elevator, DO NOT try to open the doors or use other keys to remedy the problem.  This is a Risk Management issue and must be handled by the properly authorized personnel.  All elevators are equipped with emergency phones that are manned 24/7 by VoiceNet through an agreement with the elevator maintenance company.  They will take proper steps to resolve the emergency in a timely manner.

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