Facilities Services


Customer Service Forms

          Customer Survey Form 

          Employee Satisfaction Survey

Key Office Forms

         SLCC Electronic Access Request Form

         SLCC Key Authorization Request Form

Motor Pool Forms

          Motor Pool Reservation Request Form (for single-passenger use only)

          In-State Travel Request Form (for any vehicle with passengers including sedans, HOV vans,  and mini-vans will need to be                     approved by the Motor Pool office prior to departure)

          Passenger List Form

          Vehicle Inspection Form

          Low Speed Vehicle Checklist

Surplus Forms

          Surplus Property Form

          Surplus Transfer Form

          Surplus Department Transfer Form

Miscellaneous Forms

          Billable Work Order Form

          Custodial Time Off Form

          Custodial Comp Time/Overtime Form

          Digging Permit

          Equipment Identification Form (Submit online)

          Equipment Identification Form (Printable Version)

          Facilities Fax Form

          Outstanding Employee Form

          Part-Time Hours Form

          Purchase Requisition Form

          Request for Quotation

          Records Destruction Form

          Space Needs Request Form

          Tool & Equipment Checkout Form

          Transmittal Letter

          Work Estimate Form

Last updated: 6/5/2015