Current Projects

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Project Manager: Mike Peterson

Estimated Start Date: Completed
Estimated End Date:

Electric Vehicle charging stations have now been installed at 4 campuses (RRC, SCC, LHM & JC). These ChargePoint stations provide fuel to any electric vehicle or EV.


  • Less Pollution
  • Improved air quality
  • Available to students and general public
  • SLCC is taking advantage of Rocky Mountain Power installation incentives to help fund the projects.
  • Promotes sustainability and encourages the use of EV's for anyone who commutes to SLCC.

Jordan Campus Combined Heat and Power
Project Manager: Mike Peterson

Estimated Start Date: 09-20-16
Estimated End Date: 06-17-18

Combined heat and power (CHP) or Cogeneration uses natural gas to produce heat and electricity.
SLCC will be installing two, 65 kW CHP micro-turbines at the Jordan campus with an option to add a third micro-turbine in the future.


  • Ultra-low emissions due to less fuel needed to produce the same amount of energy.
  • Electricity will be produced on site and has the ability to be sent back out to the grid when electricity demand is low at the Jordan Campus.
  • Utility rate schedule change from 8 to 6 which has an estimated savings of $20K/annually.
  • 6.5 years estimated ROI with an equipment lifespan of 20 years.

Jordan Campus Student Center Renovation/Expansion
Project Manager: Malin Francis

Estimated Start Date: First part of 2019
Estimated End Date: TBD

To remodel and expand the existing Student Pavilion to house all of the student engagement and support services into one location to provide a better student life experience.


  • This will allow for a better student experience on campus.
  • It will bring all of the student Engagement spaces together along with all of the student support spaces.
  • It will allow the students to have a space to gather and bring a sense of place and unity.
  • It is a request that the students have been requesting for a long time. It will be a great space for them to have.

West Pointe Solar Array
Project Manager: Mike Peterson

Estimated Start Date: 01-31-18
Estimated End Date: 04-18-18

The new West Point Campus is going to have a full solar array in its roof. It will be the most efficient Campus considering solar production/energy use ratio for the entire college.


  • This project shows the commitment the college has to be an energy efficient institution.
  • Thru the use of green renewable energy, the West Point campus will generate a good part of its own energy, being this the 5th solar array to be built and operate in one of our campus.
  • This will not only care for the environment but also lower the expenditures in electricity.

SCC Floors 1, 2 & 3 Corridor Carpet Replacement
Project Manager: Clark Goodrich

Estimated Start Date: 03-16-18
Estimated End Date: 03-24-18

All carpet will be replaced in all hallways on each of the 3 floors of the main building. This will be done over spring break to have a little impact on our students and faculty.


  • The update will replace worn surfaces.

Proximity Locks All Campuses
Project Manager: Clark Goodrich

Estimated Start Date: 01-01-15
Estimated End Date: 12-21-18

Electronic locking systems are being installed on all doors that open from public space, such as exterior doors, and interior doors from hallways and open areas.


  • The installation of electronic locking systems will maximize security at the college.
  • Controlled access is key to maintaining a safe environment for our students and faculty.

BB & TB Interior Signage Replacement
Project Manager: Clark Goodrich

Estimated Start Date: 04-01-18
Estimated End Date: 05-01-18

The room numbering in these buildings has been confusing for our students, and the signs are not ADA compliant. We are renumbering the rooms in the building and installing new signs that will be ADA compliant.


  • The new numbering and ADA compliant signage will help all of our students, faculty, and visitors be more comfortable, and able to orient themselves in the buildings, and find the offices and classrooms where they need to be.

Stately Trees
Project Manager: Joel Evans

Estimated Start Date: 09-01-17
Estimated End Date: 05-31-18

Removed (48) dead, decaying, invasive, or potentially hazardous trees, and replaced and planted (127) new trees. This involved help from a private contractor, the Environmental Club, and the Grounds Department. The electricians were also helpful in locating utilities.


This project impacts our Students, Faculty, Staff, and community in many different ways including providing a more aesthetically appealing campus in the short and long term. This will also help to provide areas of shade and a greater invitation to enjoy our beautiful campuses. This project has also served to demonstrate the college’s stewardship of its property, and provides a great environmental impact of sequestering carbon and providing cooling to our buildings.