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Continuing Processes for Sustainability at SLCC



  • SLCC Fleet and Motor Pool have three Toyota Prius electric vehicles, a fuel hybrid automobile. 
  • Many fleet vehicles have the capability of using E85 fuel to help enhance a cleaner environment. 
  • 5% Bio-diesel fuel
  • We are looking into CNG vehicles and conversion kits.  We are looking into an E10 blend additive for our current gasoline fuel tanks.



  • Taylorsville-Redwood Road Campus:  Lighting has been upgraded in the Administration and Construction Trades Buildings by changing to energy efficient lighting and ballasts in all fixtures and in some cases replacing light fixtures completely.  We are currently in the process of changing all light fixtures in the ATC building.  Some buildings have been designed to use natural lighting such as the Gundersen Facilities Services Building. 
  • Jordan Campus Health Sciences Building:  Is currently in the process of receiving LEED certification.
  • South City Campus:  The main building at the South City Campus is being totally recommissioned.
  • Custodial crews are trained to turn lights off at night when they are not cleaning.



  • Grounds  – as a waterwise and cost savings measure, the 100 acre Taylorsville-Redwood Road Campus uses secondary water for all lawns, shrubs, etc.
  • Urinals – There are several waterless urinals at Redwood, South and Jordan.  
  • Floor machines – Our Custodial crew uses low water floor machines.