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How do I Add or Drop My Students?

Students are responsible for adding, dropping, or withdrawing themselves for all courses. However, there are times when the instructor will need to register, add, drop, or withdraw a student. For more information, see Enrollment Services Policies and Procedures

Add Period

In order to accommodate faculty and students, the Add Period will be changed from seven calendar-days to seven business-days.  Please see the Registration Dates for specific dates. 

To better serve our increased population, students are required to complete registration within the designated add periods.  The majority of classes offer a waitlist.  Waitlist capacity will be set at 20% of class capacity.  Students may add a waitlist seat if classes are closed to capacity.

Enrollment Exceptions

Late add requests submitted by a faculty member must be approved by the faculty member's academic department.  Faculty members should email any late add requests to their Associate Dean (not enrollmentexceptions@slcc.edu) for approval.  The department will forward approved add requests to enrollmentexceptions@slcc.edu for processing. 


The waitlist option is available for most courses filled to capacity.  Waitlist caps will be set at 20% of class capacity.  Faculty may view their course section waitlists through the MyPage Faculty Tab and may communicate with the waitlisted students through email if desired.  As long as the waitlist is operating, students outside of the waitlist cannot enroll in a course.  Allow the waitlist function to operate as intended.  The waitlist provides an instrument that allows students to register in an equitable registration process.  The waitlist is available through the seven business-day Add Period. 


  • Students registering for a closed class will be offered the opportunity to be put on a Waitlist
  • Students must meet prerequisites to be eligible for the waitlist
  • Students may view waitlist status on the MyPage Student Portal. 
  • Students on the waitlist are not officially registered in the class.
  • When a registered student drops a seat in a closed class, the waitlisted student will be notified by email.  
  • Once notified by email that a seat is available, the waitlisted student has 24 hours to register for the course.  If registration is not finalized within the 24 hour period, the student is dropped from the waitlist.  The next waitlisted student is notified by email that a seat is available. 
  • Students are offered an open seat based on their waitlist position. 
  • Waitlisted students with time conflicts may not register for the class.

Waitlist Online Instructions

  1. Log into MyPage Faculty Tab
  2. Through Faculty Portal, in the left hand column, click on Summary Class List.
  3. Select Term to view and click Submit.
  4. Select course and click Submit.

View Waitlist Enrollment Counts

Enrollment Counts indicate the number of students currently registered and the number of waitlisted students for the course.

View Students on Waitlist

To view the students on the waitlist, simply click Wait List to access the Summary Faculty Wait List.  The Summary Wait List indicated student information and the waitlist order.

Note: If the word "Confidential" is presented after a student's name, the student has requested a student information restriction.  Do no release any information on this student to anyone without written authorization from the student.

Contact Waitlisted Students through Email

Faculty may email the waitlisted students individually by clicking the email icon on the right side of the screen.  Faculty may also email all waitlisted students by clicking the email icon on the bottom of the screen.  The email option allows faculty to communicate pertinent information to waitlisted students. 

Waitlisted Student and Class Attendance

Waitlisted student will attend the first day of class to receive further instruction from the faculty member.  Faculty members will determine if the waitlisted students will continue to attend. 

See also, Faculty Teaching and Learning Center's Waitlist Faculty Instruction video tutorial.


Submitting Registration Override Permits

Associate Deans expect faculty to allow the waitlist process to operate as intended, rather than adding students by submitting a faculty permit.  The waitlist provides an instrument that allows students to register in an equitable registration process.  Faculty may issue Faculty Permits to waitlisted students when appropriate; however, this is not encouraged. 

Registration override permits are only permission to add classes.  After override permits are issued by the Faculty member, an automatic email notification is sent to the student's SLCC email account.  The email notifies students of the issued faculty permit and gives registration information.  Students must register for classes through the Student Portal and are required to have the class course reference number (CRN).  Please use caution when issuing Override Permits. 

  1. Select Registration Overrides from the Services for Faculty menu.
  2. Select the term and Submit.
  3. Enter the Student ID (use capital "S") or name of the student for whom you are giving an override and Submit.
  4. If the correct student name comes up, click Submit.
  5. In the "Override" column, click the arrow in the drop-down box and select desired override.
  6. Faculty Capacity Override-class is full, grant permission to student to add the full class.
  7. Faculty Prerequisite Override-overrides the course prerequisite(s).
  8. Faculty Time Conflict Override-overrides time conflicts with student schedule.
  9. In the "Course" column, click the arrow in the drop-down box, select the course, and Submit.
  10. If the class displayed is correct, click Submit to finalize the transaction.  If the information is not correct, use the "Back" button to return and make corrections.
  11. To perform another transaction, click a menu item at the bottom of the screen or Close this window to exit. 

See also, Faculty Teaching and Learning Center's Override Permit Project video tutorial. 

Students who decide not to remain enrolled in a class must officially drop or withdraw from individual classes during the drop period for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters (see Class Schedule for drop and withdraw deadlines). After the official drop period only a withdraw is possible and there is no adjustment of tuition or refund.

Administrative Drop for Non-Attendance

Students who have not shown up or made contact with the faculty member by the second class meeting (or first class meeting for classes that meet once per week) may be administratively dropped.  For online classes, students are required to log into online classes within the first five days of the term.  The administrative drop process opens seats for students waiting to register for the class.  Faculty may administratively drop students through the Faculty Portal during the seven business-day Add Period.  Please refer to the Administrative Drop Policy in the SLCC General Catalog. 

Online administrative drop process is available on Faculty Portal through the published DROP deadline. 

  1. Select Registration Add/Drop from the Services for Faculty menu.
  2. Select the term and submit.
  3. Enter the Student ID (Use capital "S") or name of the student you are dropping. 
  4. Check the name to make sure you have the correct student.  If correct, click Submit.  If not, click the "Back" button and re-enter the Student ID. 
  5. Under the student's "Current Schedule," select Drop/Web on the drop-down menu next to the class you intend to drop, and click Submit Changes.
  6. The dropped class should no longer appear on the student's schedule.
  7. To perform another transaction, click menu item at the bottom of the screen or Close this Window to exit.

See also, Faculty Teaching and Learning Center's Administrative Drop video tutorial.