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How do I Create and Post a Syllabus?

Syllabus Essentials

SLCC recommended course syllabus information:

  1. Name of the instructor, name of course (prefix & number), pre-requisites, semester/term, department, and Salt Lake Community College. 
  2. Instructor contact information: office location and office hours; phone number; consultation hours, and email address, when & where the class meets. 
  3. Course description from current catalog.
  4. Required or recommended readings, and other instructional materials for the class.
  5. Learning outcomes of the course and how they relate to College-wide learning outcomes.
  6. Description of course activities and methods of instruction students can expect.
  7. List of required assignments, papers and exams, including due dates when possible.
  8. Grading procedure, including grade components and the weights assigned to each component.
  9. Description of course policies, including those on late work, attendance, tardiness, make-ups, extra credit, and reporting illnesses.
  10. Course calendar or schedule listing the sequence of course topics, assignments, and exams, including holidays/breaks, first & last day of class, final exam date.

SLCC must have word for word:

  1. The student is expected to follow the SLCC Student Code of Conduct found at  http://www.slcc.edu/policies/docs/Student_Code_of_Conduct.pdf
  2. ADA Statement http://www.slcc.edu/drc/faculty/index.aspx
  3. The General Education ePortfolio Statement [if applicable] http://www.slcc.edu/gened/eportfolio/faculty.aspx
  4. Emergency Evacuation Procedures in case of an emergency. http://www.slcc.edu/emergency-prepare/emergency-procedures.aspx

For additional information, refer to the Faculty Teaching and Learning Center's Syllabus Checklist, Syllabus Required Language, and Syllabus Tips.

Post a Syllabus

Posting your syllabus on Mypage is easy. Just follow these steps.

  1. From the SLCC main page, login to Mypage.
  2. Click on the "My Courses" tab.
  3. Select the course to which you would like to add a syllabus.
  4. On the left side of the screen, under "Content Tools," click on the one that says "Manage Files."
  5. Click on the "Browse" button and locate the syllabus file on your computer.
  6. Once you have selected the syllabus file, click on the "New Files" button.

Notice that if you will be uploading many different files in addition to your syllabus, you can create sub-folders to your course's main folder and give each one a different name, like Syllabus, Readings, Handouts, etc. Your students can access these files any time by clicking on the "Files" button in the "Course Tools" menu on the left of the screen.

For additional help and example syllabi, contact your department.