Fashion Institute

Rachael Domingo

Rachael Domingo has been committed to excellence and activism in the field of art and design for over 10 years. At age 18, she left everything she knew in Salt Lake City - where she was born and raised - to pursue her degree in fashion design in Los Angeles. She studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising In LA and graduated magna cum laude in 2002. She then went on to attend the University of Utah gaining her BFA in fine art and illustration in 2006. Throughout her scholastic career, she won numerous awards and scholarships based on artistic talent.

In 2005 Rachael became a founding member of the Black Chandelier in Salt Lake City. She worked for three years as assistant designer to Jared Gold and head pattern maker. She assisted in the growth and expansion of the Black Chandelier, specializing in the management of "in house" and over-seas apparel design and production. Rachael assumed the position of head designer and Creative director for the Black Chandelier, and works directly with manufacturers in India and China ensuring fair wages and humane working conditions as she develops collections and works as a US agent for Attire India in New Delhi. She has worked on International projects including America's Next Top Model -cycle 6, the Timbaland and Hives music video collaboration, and High School Musical.

"I'm interested in creating wearable environments that inspire and provoke us to continue moving and evolving. "Beauty to me is only 1% visible, the rest is a spirit phenomenon that happens as we embody creativity. This is the 'beauty' I want my clothing to speak of, it's not a dead aesthetic." Rachael continues to pursue her love for the the visual arts and is an active working artist and illustrator. She also teaches Fashion Illustration part time at the Fashion Institute, Salt Lake Community College. She continues to collaborate with other talent on creative projects and uses her love for the arts and fashion to share creativity, compassion and awareness globally and in her own community.