Financial Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Financial Aid? The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available online at This is a government website and there is no charge to complete the application.  Students should be wary of any “pay to apply’ sites.

When applying for FAFSA what types of aid am I applying for?  The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) aids students in applying for Grants, Loans, College Work Study and some scholarships. 

What types of aid are available?


Grants are generally need based and need not be repaid.  Depending on eligibility different types of grants may be available.

Pell Grant- Pell awards are based on the student’s Expected Family Contribution and the number of credits hours the student is attending.  While most funds are limited, Pell funds are available to anyone who qualifies.  

Other Grants- UCOPE, UEG, LEAPP, FSEOG and UHEAA are all based on financial need.  Funding in these grants is limited and funds are awarded until funds are exhausted.  These grants require students attend at least 6 credit hours.


Loans are aid which must be repaid.  Most loans require at least half time attendance (6 hours).

Perkins Loans- SLCC is the lender.  The interest rate is 5% fixed and there is a 9 month grace period.  Funds are extremely limited and awarded until gone.

Stafford Loans- These loans are given through the Federal Direct Loan Program.  The interest rate on Subsidized Stafford Loans 3.4%. The interest rate on Unsubsidized Stafford Loans is fixed at 6.8%  These loans have a 6 months grace period.  The annual maximum loan limit is dependent on the number of credit hours already completed.

College Work-Study

Work study is a program where funds are awarded and may be earned by working on campus or for a non-profit organization.  Work study funds earned do not negatively impact aid eligibility in future years.


There are several different types of scholarships.  Funds are from both state and private sources.  Please see the scholarship section of the web site to find application and qualification information.

How long does it take to get the response back from the FAFSA?  

- It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to receive the response.

When I get the response back what do I do? 

- Contact the financial aid office to determine what additional information is needed to complete your aid application.

How long does it take to get award?

- This may depend on the time of year you apply.  It is recommended you call us at 957-4410 after you have submitted your aid application.

Have I been awarded yet?

- Once you are awarded, you can check your MyPage account to see the type and amount of aid you have been awarded.  You will also receive an Award Notification by e-mail. Being awarded aid does not guarantee that you will receive the aid listed. Your ability to receive the aid may change after awarding and depends on a number of factors such as enrollment level and Satisfactory Academic Progress compliance. All awards are subject to cancellation and revision without prior notice.

My financial situation has changed since I applied for aid, will this make a difference? 

- Occasionally students have a change in financial circumstances which warrant a review of their eligibility.  There is a process called Special Consideration allows the student to meet with a Financial Aid Advisor and have additional unusual circumstances considered.  Some of the unusual circumstances may include:

  • Loss of employment

  • Disability of student, spouse or parent

  • Excessive medical and/or dental expenses

  • Divorce or separation

  • Death of spouse or parent after filing the application

What does verification mean?

- Verification is a process where taxes, W-2 forms, and any documents used to complete the application are collected by the school and used to ensure the accuracy of the application data.

Do I turn in copies of State or Federal Taxes?

- We only need Federal taxes and all schedules if a student is selected for the verification process.<  

Where can I get a duplicate copy of my taxes and/or W2’s if I have lost them?

- You can contact the IRS 1-800-829-1040 or and ask for a tax transcript.

Does the Financial Aid Office make copies?

- Due to the time involved, budget considerations and the number of students who submit paperwork each year we do not make copies. 

Where can I apply for scholarships and/or tuition waivers? 

- Application deadlines can be found on the scholarship section of the web site.

What happens if I drop or withdraw from my classes?

- If you plan to drop or withdraw from your coursework and you have received aid, you may owe back all or a portion of the aid received.     

What does Satisfactory Academic Progress mean?

- Students are required to maintain a 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average and to complete 70% of their cumulative attempted hours at the end of each term. For more information obtain a copy of the Satisfactory Progress Policy. 

Can I talk to a Financial Aid Advisor?

- Yes, look under contact us for the available advising hours.

Does financial aid help with living expenses?

- If aid exceeds the cost of tuition, fees, books and supplies the remaining funds may be used to help with living expenses.

Has my money transferred to my account, and if so when will I receive my refund check?

- Approximately 5 working days before the start of the semester we disburse financial aid funds to the cashier.  If aid is more than tuition and fees a remainder check will be mailed (or funds deposited to the students bank account) to the student within 3-5 working days. All remainder checks come from the Account Payable Office.

How can I check on my aid?

- You may call us at 957-4410, stop by our office, or check MyPage.

How do I apply for a pin number and what is it?

- A PIN is an electronic access code that serves as an identifier. The PIN lets students access and/or sign their federal student aid information online. To apply go to

I applied for my pin number, but still have not received it. What can I do?

- Please call the federal processor or you may go back to the PIN web site and have them resend your pin number.

Can I get a Pell Grant at two different schools at the same time?

- Pell funds are limited to one school per semester.

How do I sign a promissory note for my Stafford Loan?

- Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA) will send a letter if you need to sign your promissory note.  The letter will give instructions on how to electronically sign the prom note on the UHEAA web site.

How do I apply for Summer aid?

- Students wanting aid for Summer Semester must complete a Summer Aid Application after registering for summer courses. Because Pell Grants and Stafford Loans have annual limits, students who used their full eligibility during Fall and Spring semesters may not have those funds available during Summer Term.

Whose information do I use if my parents are separated or divorce?

- Use the information of the parent who has legal custody or the parent you live with or last lived with.  If that parent is remarried, you also need to include the income information for your stepparent.  

I have no contact with my parents, what do I do?

- An Independent Appeal is available if you can document the circumstances regarding your relationship with your parents.

Can I have my money direct deposit?

- Yes, but you must make arrangements with the Cashier Services Department.  They can be reached at 801-957-4868 or 801-957-4409