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Focused Tutoring

Policies and Procedures

In order to serve the students who most need tutoring, tutor requests will be filled based on an academic priority system.

Attendance Policy

Two unexcused absences, including No Shows or Late Cancels, or three of any absence, and the student may be dropped from the program and receive lower priority for the next semester.

An unexcused absence includes canceling because a student believes they do not have anything to study; if students want tutoring, they need to attend every session.

Preparation Requirements

Students are required to attend class, read their book, and come prepared with questions and have attempted to do their homework. The tutoring session is a place to ask questions about your homework. Tutoring is not a place to sit and do your homework.

Exceptions to any of these policies or priorities may be made by the Focused Tutoring Coordinator and/or the Director of the Learning Centers at their discretion.

Tutor Request Procedures - We are no longer requiring tutor request forms to match students with tutors. Please see the tutoring website for more information.

Salt Lake Community College

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