Catering FAQs

Note: These guidelines only apply to on campus events and our approved caterers.
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Contracting with specific caterers is done for both risk reduction/familiarity, and for pricing and billing reasons. The College has already made parking and billing arrangements with all contracted caterers. Additionally, the contract caterers have agreed to work within budgets that we establish, meaning that the department just needs to call the caterer and communicate the number of people and the per person budget, and the caterer will work with the department on producing a menu within that budget. There is currently not anything within the catering guidelines that would prevent a department from establishing a relationship with an approved caterer and further negotiating a discounted rate in return for exclusive catering rights throughout some time frame. However, the 10% administrative fee would still be applicable.

The College will not be providing china and linens because we run into issues such as who will clean these items, monitor for theft, and be responsible for breakage. Therefore, departments should utilize the caterer’s china and linens.

There is no 15-person rule. However, most caterers will not provide catering service for groups under 15. The determining factor for using an approved caterer is whether your event rises to the level of needing catering services or not. If you are having a catered event, then it must be through an approved caterer and follow the SLCC catering guidelines. Note that a catered event is one in which an approved outside caterer provides food and drink in a professional capacity with little or no staging required by the Department.

Groups of ANY size can have a non-catered event, and bring in their own food from wherever they choose (such as bringing in pizza for a large group/event).

For example, if a group of twenty people want food at an event, they have two options. They may call an approved caterer, and that caterer will prepare, deliver, and stage/serve the food, and clean up. This will incur the 10% service charge. The group may also call any local restaurant and order food for twenty people, and have someone pick it up or have the restaurant deliver. This is not catered because the department had to put forth the effort in providing the food (pickup), staging, service, and cleanup for the event. This does not incur the 10% service charge.

All menus should be available online. Please note that the caterers have encouraged us to call them with our budgets and they will work with us to produce an acceptable menu that falls within that budget. Trina Frandsen is also available to assist in this area if necessary.

This is information that will be aggregated and sent to the appropriate employees at the College. This chart will have the basic information, and more detailed information can be discussed with the caterer when you are placing the order. Trina Frandsen is also available to assist in this area as necessary.

Trina can be as involved as necessary for any given event. This is largely up to the department as to how much to utilize Trina. If the department has something very specific in mind, then it is the assistant’s responsibility to design the catering event that they wish to put on, as Trina does not know the wants and needs of the individual department events. However, if the department doesn’t have any specific preferences, Trina can take care of everything. Trina also handles the administrative pieces, included facilities, parking, accounting, etc. It is important for Trina to be aware of events that are occurring campus wide to ensure that the College is receiving the appropriate level of service.

The person ordering the catering service should be primary contact for the caterer; however, Trina is the secondary contact when the primary contact is unavailable.

Departments should reserve room prior to placing catering orders. This should be done by emailing Please include your preferred location(s), the day and time of the event, number of attendees, and any specific setup needs. You should hear back regarding your request within one business day.

Departments should forward the invoice to Trina for payment. She will enter the invoice (less the 10% fee) into SLCCBuy for processing. The College pays the approved caterer the invoice amount less the 10%. All approved caterers have agreed to this payment process as part of their contract. Trina will then do an interdepartmental billing (IDB) to appropriate index for the 10% fee.

Please note that the College catering had significant losses in prior years due to under billing and for the lack of consideration of overhead costs (facilities, parking, accounting, administrative salaries, and risk management). In fiscal year 2017, food services realized approximately $500,000 in losses. Historically shortfalls have been subsidized by E&G funds, which is not equitable for students. We anticipate the 10% fee will shift the overhead costs from students to departments (who are the users of these services).

The College will provide caterers with a staging area that is sufficient to stage the event. For some special events we may allow the caterers to use our equipment (such as ovens/hotboxes, refrigeration, etc.). Special arrangements must be made through our Catering Coordinator, Trina Frandsen, in advance of the event.

Miller Catering can be utilized for any event according to quality and cost. Availability and capacity is determined by Miller Catering staff and will be a negotiation between the department and Miller Catering. Determining the availability and skills to provide an event should be determined by the department and Miller Catering. It is the responsibility of Miller Catering to provide abilities and restrictions.

If you have a need, or questions, regarding parking for event attendees or for a caterer please contact Trina Frandsen.

These fees are set by the caterers and may be negotiated by the department per event. When working with our approved caterers please ask for an “out the door” (including meal, beverage, set up, tear down, linens, dishes, service, delivery, gratuity) price for your event so you are able to make an informed decision.

For College employees and College employees hosting external guests or constituents on behalf of the College, the event must have a direct business purpose. The cost of the meal should fall within the current per diem amounts. For catering purposes, the per diem applies to food and beverages. Please request the caterer break out the food and beverage cost from any other services. In some cases, the food cost may exceed the State per diem. Food costs exceeding per diem amounts must have an Executive Cabinet member approval in advance of the event.

If you have specific questions - please contact:

Trina Frandsen
Catering Coordinator

Travis Kartchner
Associate Controller