Catering / Food Service Guidelines

  1. The list and contact information of approved caterers is available on the Food services website. Please contact Trina Frandsen at x4520 for questions and issues.
  2. Complete the Catering Planning Form to identify needs for the event. Once this form is complete, departments should contact approved caterers via phone or email and forward the planning form to these caterers for quotes depending on budgetary constraints. Note: departments do not have to necessarily select items from the menu. All of the approved caterers have indicated flexibility in adjusting to budget constraints and will offer additional options.
  3. Once departments have selected a caterer, the Catering Planning Form should be forwarded to Trina Frandsen in Food Services. Trina is available to assist in organizing the event with the approved caterer and will coordinate with facilities and parking as to the various needs.
  4. All catering invoices must be sent to Trina Frandsen for processing through SLCCBuy. The correct Index and Account must be identified on the invoice.
    • Please note that the 10% fee assessed by the College covers administrative costs including ongoing contract negotiations and management, accounting, parking arrangements, facilities coordination, and additional custodial service. This fee is only assessed on the cost of food and beverage. Linens, gratuity, flatware/silverware and other costs of service from the caterer are not included in calculating SLCC’s administrative fee
    • A majority of the approved caterers assess a service fee that ranges from 10% to 18% depending on the level of service required (i.e. a boxed lunch vs. a plated meal). This fee includes payments for catering staff and gratuity.
  5. Alcohol Service Request Addendum to Rental Agreement

Please Note:

  • The College defines a “catered event” as an event where approved outside caterers provide food and drink in a professional capacity with little or no staging required by the Department. Departments have flexibility with non-catered events. Departments may pick up their own food, or have it delivered, from any establishment, and do not have to use an approved caterer.
  • Department pot lucks, where staff, faculty and/or students prepare and bring in food, are permitted.
  • At this time only a few of our caterers are interested in doing fruit trays and cookie trays for small events. Harmon’s, Costco and/or Sam’s Club may be a better option for these types of events.
  • Per State small dollar and travel guidelines, business meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), both internal and external, for College employees and College employees hosting external guests or constituents on behalf of the College, must have a direct business purpose. The cost of the meal should fall within the current per diem amount. Costs exceeding per diem amounts must have Provost, Vice President, or President approval. Current per diem amounts can be found on the Accounts Payable website.
  • Miller Food Services is still available for use for catering events. Contact Lindsey Martinez at x5410 for additional information.