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Catering Guidelines

Copper Edge Catering Booking Procedures

Booking Procedures & Hours of Operation

Our business office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. All requests are answered in the order they are received.

Copper Edge Catering

Once a room has been reserved you may contact Copper Edge Catering to place a request for services. When calling or emailing we will need the following information:

  • Date of the event
  • Event start & end time
  • Campus, building & room location of the event
  • Contact name, phone, & email address
  • Title of event & department hosting the event
  • Type of service (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – Reception, Buffet, Served)
  • Guest Count
  • Billing information/Payment method

After the menus have been decided, and all needed information has been gathered, a contract will be drafted with all agreed upon details. This contract will be emailed to you to review and confirm to book your event. If you have any questions about anything listed on the contract please contact Copper Edge Catering so we can clarify or change any information.

Confirm & Book Your Event

To confirm and book your catering you must reply to the email from Copper Edge Catering to indicate you have read through the catering contract, the Policies and Procedures, and agree to all stated information. By confirming and booking the catering agreement it acts as your electronic signature to the stated services and policies. Be sure to double-check dates, times and locations!

Policies and Procedures

Copper Edge Catering at SLCC is the exclusive caterer on Salt Lake Community College campuses and sites. All food and beverage services on campus are to be provided by Copper Edge Catering. Outside food and beverages cannot be brought onto SLCC campuses, with the exception of wedding cakes, without explicit written permission from Food Service Management. If Copper Edge Catering concludes that it cannot accommodate the food service needs of an organization, one-time permission may be granted to an approved caterer for a single event. All outside food is subject to a 10% service charge payable to Food Service.

Delivered Events – For events not requiring retrieval of equipment (coffee pots, china, etc.), the client will be charged for what is actually delivered. Tablecloths are not included in this service. All of the service utensils and containers are disposable. The host is responsible for cleaning up after the event. Failure to do so may result in additional charges of $30.00 per employee hour needed for our staff to clean up after the event.

Chef’s Pantry Pick-up – We will have your order ready for you to pick up at the specified time. All pick up orders may be picked up at the Copper Edge Catering office in the Redwood Student Center room 203. All of the service utensils and containers are disposable.

Buffet Disposable – Chafing dishes and serving utensils will be provided for services using disposable cutlery and plates. One (1) server for every fifty (50) guests is provided for set-up before the event and tear down at the completion of the event. Additional servers many be provided for an additional charge.

Buffet China – Chafing dishes and serving utensils will be provided for services using china, glassware, silverware and a linen napkins in our branded blue and gold. Tables equal to your guest count will be covered in a white tablecloth. All food items, beverages, and tableware will be on the buffet line for service. One (1) server for every fifty (50) guests is provided for set-up before the event and tear down at the completion of the event. Additional servers many be provided for an additional charge. If you would like servers to clear and buss tables during your event, they can be provided at the server rate. There will be an additional $3.00 china fee for all event on china & glass.

Buffet/Partial Plated on China & Glass – Includes all china service ware, silverware, glassware, and linen napkins in our branded blue and gold. Tables equal to your guest count will be covered in a white tablecloth. Silverware, Glassware, and beverages are on guest tables at the time of service. Copper Edge Catering will work with the guest to determine what items food items would work best are pre-plated items for their event. Items like Rolls, Salads and Desserts are classic items. Copper Edge Catering will also work with you to determine the appropriate amount of labor for your style & size of event. Generally, one (1) server per 32 guest. There will be an additional $3.00 china fee for all event on china & glass.

Plated Full Service – China and glass are required on all full service events. First course is limited to one salad. RSVP and entrée labels required for two (2) or more entrees. If a third entrée is requested it must be approved by the catering manager, and additional fees will apply. For service one (1) attendant required per sixteen (16) guests, or per two (2) tables. See staffing section for more information. There will be an additional $3.00 china fee.

SLCC Groups – defined as those using a campus account to pay for their event may receive an Early Order Discount on their food. To receive this 10% discount off the menu prices, you must have your menus selected and the contracts confirmed ten (10) business days in advance.

This allows Copper Edge Catering the opportunity to prepare your function properly for the best results. The Early Order Discount does not apply to Delivery Charges, Labor Charges, Equipment, Linens, or Service Fees. In order to provide the quality of food and level of service our clients deserve, we will continue to accept new orders only until we reach the limit of our service capabilities. Factors such as kitchen production capabilities, availability of delivery staff and servers, and the number of transportation vehicles required are considered.

An additional charge of 10% of the total price of the event, with the minimum of $25.00 will be assessed for catering orders scheduled less than 3 business days before the event. This fee is to cover the costs sustained in order to accommodate the request. Due to product deliveries, events scheduled after the three (3) business day deadline may have a limited menu and service selections based on product and staff availability. Late fees may be waived if all menus items are currently on hand and the requested order will be picked up.

The catering department must be notified of your final guest count three (3) business days before your scheduled event. For functions scheduled on Monday or Tuesday, the final guest count must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the preceding Thursday. Any major changes made after the final guest count is due could result in a penalty fee of an additional charge of 10% of the total price of the event or $25.00 whichever is greater. Specialty products require two weeks for ordering, and can’t be changed once ordered. If your order contains products that have been specially ordered for your event, a final guest count is required at least ten (10) business days before the event, and this final count cannot be changed.

Events canceled after the Final Guest Count Deadline will be charged the actual expenses of food and labor incurred by Copper Edge Catering during ordering, setup, and any production that occurred before the cancellation for products that cannot be readily utilized for other events.

We recommend a minimum order of $150.00 for all events/orders that require off-site transport to another site or campus. Due to the rising costs associated with transportation, orders not meeting the minimum may be charged an additional $40.00 delivery fee. This fee will be waived if there are multiple events that can be transported at one time to the same campus.

It is the responsibility of the event host to find out if any special menus are needed for their guests. We are able to accommodate most special diets with a minimum of 3 business days advance notice. If possible, please give Copper Edge Catering the guest names with special diets. This will help us ensure they receive the proper meals.

For food safety purposes there is a time allotment of two (2) hours during each event where refrigerated or hot foods may be available. If your event will extend past this time frame please consult Copper Edge Catering. This will allow us to work together to ensure that all food products stay in Health Code guidelines.

In accordance to Health Code 3-306.14: Due to uncontrolled environment & temperature which heightens the risk of foodborne illness when food is not kept at the proper temperature, we can’t allow food to be taken from the catered area without prior approval. A signed copy of HACCP Food Safety Release Form must be on file before the event ensuring you have the proper storage and transportation capabilities for food to be taken at the end of the event.

All staffing will be charged a minimum of four (4) hours

  • Tables Service Staff - $14.00 per hour. One (1) attendant required per sixteen (16) guests, or per 2 tables for full service. All others as agreed to with Copper Edge Catering.
  • Buffet Service Staff - $14.00 per hour. Served Buffet standard is One (1) attendant per fifty (50) guests.
  • Chef (Action Station) - $20.00 per hour

First time – Non-college customers are required to provide a deposit of 50% of their estimated catering service at the time of confirming a catering contract. Once the final guest count deadline has passed the remaining balance is due (Three (3) business days before the event). If there is any additional charge assessed during service a final invoice will be sent following the event. Final payment will be due within 14 days from service. All unpaid invoices will have a 10% late fee assessed on day 15 and every 15 days thereafter until paid in full.

Additional charges will be assessed for events on official college holidays. Please consult Copper Edge Catering management regarding this policy and limitations when planning your event.

Copper Edge Catering staff members are not allowed to accept gratuities. Applicable charges will be broken out on your contract. Taxes will be added to the cost of your event when applicable.

Linens are required on food contact areas for food safety. You may also rent additional linens for your guest tables, registration tables, etc. Standard colors are white or black for $3.00 each. Colored linens are available, and must be ordered one (1) week in advance due to delivery dates. Colored linens are $3.50 each. Contact Catering Services for color options.

Basic floral arrangements can be provided for meals and most receptions for an additional cost. Specialty arrangements can be ordered from our florist and added to your bill.

If you are planning to bring in your own decoration please let us know. This will let allow us to plan our tables around your decorations.

Customized menu cards are available upon request for an additional charge.

  • Buffet line: $3.00 each
  • Place-settings, or entrée cards: $1.00 each

A plating charge of $1.00 per person on disposable and $2.00 per person for china will be added to your invoice. These charges include plates, forks, cutting, and serving of cake when booked with a meal or reception.

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