Family and Friends Connection

We are excited to welcome you and your new student to Salt Lake Community College. We believe you are a critical partner in helping your student have a successful higher education experience. We want you to visit this site often in order to stay up-to-date, and encourage your student to participate in on-campus programs and activities. These resources will assist your student in taking advantage of the services we offer, and facilitate a transformative and successful experience with Salt Lake Community College.

Student Success Tips

College is a time when students need to make their own decisions and cultivate a sense of independence. We recommend you start a conversation with your student, these discussions can help you guide your student’s thoughts or they can clarify for you what your student’s goals are. Some topics we recommend are:

  1. What are your student’s reasons for wanting to go to college?
  2. Is your student focused on a major or a career?
  3. What are your student’s biggest concerns about starting college?
  4. How much involvement do you expect to have in your student’s experience and how much involvement does the student want you to have?
  5. Financial responsibilities: How will your student pay for college?

To assist your student in learning self-sufficiency, resist the temptation to do everything for him or her. Instead, encourage your student to talk with an Academic Advisor, speak with their instructor, find a tutor, or visit with whichever office can provide them with their needed service.

Encourage your student to become involved on campus. Encourage them to stay on campus to study. The college campus environment is primed for a productive studying location, when home is not. Encourage them to join a club or attend one of the many activities. It’s difficult for community college students to feel pride and connection with their college. By encouraging them to find that connection, you may improve their success rate.

Give your student time to adjust. As they work through their first semester, they will have to learn new time management skills that may mean they have less time to be at home or to be with their friends. Make sure they know you support them by making their education not only their first priority but yours as well.