Mission and Values

Purpose Statement

The First Year Experience (FYE) office collaborates with the Academic Affairs and Student Services departments to support the educational and social development of all new Salt Lake Community College students. Our overarching goal is to prime new students for intellectual, personal and professional success through their first year in college.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Introducing and engaging first year students and their families with SLCC resources, policies, procedures, information and services designed to promote college completion and student goal attainment.
  • Connecting new students with learning opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, that promote holistic student development.
  • Empowering new students for academic success and to be self-sufficient lifelong learners.

FYE Office Values

The First Year Experience office seeks to create a work environment that is driven by the following values:

  • Growth, learning, and change
    We recognize that in order to adequately meet the needs of new students, we have to adapt to the rapidly changing society that influences our students. We promote professional development among our staff as a way to learn about our student population and their intersecting identities, and to ensure their experience is driven by excellent customer service, inclusive and sensible practices and a genuine commitment to their holistic development.
  • Connections and collaborations
    Our work is driven by the philosophy that every new student will make a meaningful connection with the college in their first semester. To do this, we recognize the critical role the various academic offices and student services departments have in the success of new students, and therefore commit ourselves to working interdependently with one another to engage students in the first year.
  • Fun and Enthusiasm
    Each of us brings a level of enthusiasm to our work. Our office seeks to foster this enthusiasm to promote a healthy and enjoyable workplace, where all individuals can be free to be their authentic selves. Our staff support and celebrate each other’s goals, accomplishments and personal milestones, and when necessary, provide each other with feedback to become better employees, colleagues and student advocates.