General Education

ePortfolio Information for Students

Salt Lake Community College students are now building fantastic General Education ePortfolios.*

ePortfolio helps students step ahead by providing a place to archive, reflect upon, and share their best work with faculty, scholarship committees or anyone else. ePortfolios can be used to showcase the entirety of an academic career. In addition to building a General Education ePortfolio, students may choose to create a second, career-specific ePortfolio to help impress potential employers. Creating an ePortfolio is free.

As you get started with your ePortfolio, click on the image below and explore the Student ePortfolio Resource site.

Student ePortfolio Resource Site

The site contains information on why SLCC implemented the ePortfolio initiative, how to start and structure your ePortfolio, as well as student ePortfolio examples. NOTE & INVITATION: As with most things in life and learning, the more effort you put into your ePortfolio, the more you will get out of it.


Supported ePortfolio Platforms