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The National Information, Security & Geospatial Technologies Consortium


Stand Out in your career by getting trained in the Geospatial Technologies at SLCC with free tutoring, Internships, and Mentors in the Industry.  All funded by a $1.2 Million grant from the US Department of Labor that was designed to help students graduate faster in high growth fields. Your career begins here if you want to stand out in the following fields...

• Business 
• Defense and Intelligence
• Education 
• Government 
• Mapping and Charting 
• Natural Resources 
• Public Safety 
• Transportation 
• Utilities and Communications
The National Information Security and Geospatial Technology Consortium (NISGTC) at SLCC provides tutoring, job placement, mentoring and internships in Geospatial Technologies. As our world grows more interconnected, these skills are increasingly needed in various industries. The people with those skills are starting to Stand Out more and more.  You can see Degrees and Certificates that qualify for this program by clicking here.  Or to apply, or for more information, send an email with your name and contact information here.


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Contact Us

Jeremiah Borrowman
NISGTC Outreach & Success Coordinator
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Science and Industry Building
Room 023
Phone: 801-957.4852


Dustin M. Fratto, MPA
Coordinator 2 Corporate Outreach, NISGTC
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Science and Industry Building
Room 019
Phone: 801-957.4827